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Hyrdation Review: Utonic

Name of product:

• Utonic - Repair

• Utonic - Calm

• Utonic - Charge

Where does it originate from?:

Proudly South Australian Owned & Made. 


- 100% Natural

- No added sugar 

- Gluten free 

- No dairy

- No soy

- Vegan

- Preserved naturally

Utonic - Repair - Blueberry, Pomegranate and Sour Cherry used for their antioxidant properties. Combined with Turmeric and Ginger for anti-inflammatory and anti nausea effects. 

Utonic - Calm - Sour Cherry containing Natural Melatonin and Decaffeinated Green Tea containing L-Theanine are known to help with restful sleep and reduce anxiety. Combined with Chamomile and Passionflower to make you feel relaxed and calm.

Utonic - Charge - Spirulina and Kale containing B Vitamins which helps with maintaining energy. Combined with Green Tea, L-Theanine and Natural Caffeine to make you more alert.

What it is best used for or paired with:

• Being 100% natural with no added sugar, Utonic can be paired with anything.

• Utonic Charge is great to have throughout the day to help maintain energy but unlike other energy drinks Utonic doesn’t have the sudden sluggish drop of energy levels. 

• Utonic Calm would be great to have the night before a big exam or before a big game of footy to help you get a great nights sleep and settle the nerves.

• Utonic Repair is designed to help heal the body. It has properties to help with recovery after exercise which is just what the body needs before you knock back the cocktails.

Price Point:

Individually: $4.99


Sample Pack 2x Charge, 2x Repair, 2x Calm + Bonus Gym Towel $30

Any Same Dozen $60

Where to get it from:

Distributors: Poké Me, IGA Romeos, United Petrol, Uber Eats & Supplement Mart Keswick just to name a few 

Overall Opinion and Review:

When I started drinking Utonic I honestly felt great straight away. I felt like I wanted to go to the gym to do a work out. For people that know me that’s strange for me to say. 

Utonic formulas are scientifically proven so if you are stressed out, run down, or needing a boost Utonic is for you.

Utonic’s mission is producing natural drinks that strive to produce a healthier mind and body and they have nailed it! 


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