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The Story behind our hashtag

We believe we can lead the charge in being the change in regards to breaking down the barriers faced by men and detaching the stigmas associated with men. We also believe we can be the change in restoring our pride as citizens of Adelaide and shaking off the pessimistic attitudes. But what we want to lead is to be the change and let men know its ok to talk. Lets get the conversation started fellas!











MANABOUTADL was created because there is a real gap when it comes to accessing a Men's specific lifestyle website that revolves around our city - Adelaide. The idea came from our Founder Eric Cruz. Eric spent some time on the eastern seaboard of Australia where he was forever having to defend his home town. Eric states that "most of the criticism came from people that hadn't actually visited Adelaide". Upon his return to his beloved home town, he noticed change. The upgrade to the Adelaide Oval and the Riverbank precinct, the emergence of the small bar culture and the general change of vibe to the city and the suburbs, Eric felt he needed to show his pride for Adelaide. 


Four years of planning went into developing this dream into a reality. It wasn't an easy road however, there were many road blocks encountered and at times doubt crept in however Eric persisted though the guidance and advice of close friend and Business Strategist Vashti Starling. Vashti made Eric realise that this concept had the legs to succeed. After much persuasion and motivating, Vashti convinced Eric to just bite the bullet and to give it a crack. From there, Eric sought a graphic designer to help build the brand and the image he wanted for MANABOUTADL. Graphic Designer Fernanda Priego absolutely nailed it! The MANABOUTADL logo and branding is crisp and modern which is exactly what Eric was after. 


From there Eric began to build a team. Initially the team comprised of some of his closest friends who shared his passion for Adelaide. From there he put a call out on the MAA social media pages to recruit like minded individuals and as a result the team grew. Today the team continues to grow and we believe the success of this venture is due to the passion that is shared amongst all the members of the team. The team today is comprised of a talented group of Adelaide individuals who aim to change the mindset of Adelaideans, to bring back civic pride, to promote mens health, to share the success stories of the people in this state but most importantly to share these passions and visions with you - the reader. 

So far it's been one hell of a journey, but this is just the beginning. MANABOUTADL is finally here and it's here to stay. Adelaide is growing and we aim to grow with it! We invite you to join us on this ride! 



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