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A long time ago, in 1985, Adam was taken to his first movie on the big screen. Follow That Bird blew his mind and he fell in love with cinematic storytelling. He even got to keep a commemorative cup.

These days, Adam’s passion for screen stories has evolved from an admiration of a certain giant yellow bird, as he believes that all the good stuff in life is shared, experienced, learned and treasured in our stories. Adam believes that changing lives can begin with sharing a good yarn. He likes the screen stories in particular because of all the explosions and car chases you get to see.

Adam hopes that in sharing his thoughts on cinema, he can open up conversations that come from delving into story. Just as we can shape and define stories, stories can shape and define us. One of his favourites is The Rocketeer and he was pumped to see The Force Awakens the other year because he got to keep a commemorative cup.

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