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Latest from Man ABOUT ADL

Australian Distilling Co.'s Originals Cocktail Competition

A small but jovial crowd gathered at CBD institution Bank Street Social on Tuesday night for a celebration of talent, creativity and exceptional local gin at Australian Distilling Co's Originals Cocktail Competition.

Sixteen of Adelaide's brightest cocktail bartenders battled for the crown in a contest that saw Australian Distilling Co's ubiquitous gin range get moulded into a tantalising range of unique creations for the judges. Mixologists from city favourites Hains & Co, Memphis Slims, Pink Moon Saloon, Merrymaker and Bank Street itself climbed over each other behind a busy bar to craft their concoctions, some of which were a culmination of months of planning and experimentation.

In the end, it was Bank Street's own Dan Hayward Jarmyn who took the chocolates with an outrageous Feijoan winter cocktail, with the third-placed Sam Joshi of Merrymaker also receiving plenty of love around the bar for his Adelaide Gin martini with ginseng and tulsi.

Thank you to Australian Distilling Co, Bank Street Social, Kate & Co. PR & Events and Michele D'Aloia for welcoming Man About ADL for what was an incredible night.


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