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South Aussies are quite parochial when it comes to supporting their local sporting teams. Sport is a big part of our lives and we live and breathe our team's colours and don the guernseys. It's tribal and its passion. Anthony is our sports blogger who will not only bring you content from a local perspective but he will also cover sport happening at a interstate and global level. Anthony's passion is with the AFL and the NBA however his love for sport extends deeper and he is looking forward to bringing you his view on the world of Sport.  

You could say that Art's and Culture is Adelaide's thing. Adelaide is home to the largest Fringe Festival in the Southern Hemisphere and we have the highly successful Adelaide Festival of Arts. For a city with a population of about 1.5 million we certainly punch well above our weight with our success in this realm. We have an arts and culture scene that would be the envy of many similar cities comparable in size to us. Adelaideans have more time to be creative in this state and it really does show when you look at our arts and cultural events. Rowena Garcia will cover this topic as she has a deep passion for this industry. An artist herself in her own right, Rowena will keep you up to date in regards to what is happening in our ever burgeoning Arts and Culture scene. Keep an eye out on Rowena as she is one talented cookie, she will also be immersing herself into the music space within MANABOUTADL. 

However our coverage in this space goes deeper than the arts events happening in this city. Adam will be giving you the odd movie review and we will also have other topics relating to pop culture and trending topics. We look forward to showing you what we have in store. 

Music is a massive part of our lives. It makes us feel good and it just creates good vibes. Our Music reviewers Sam and Rowena will keep you up to date with the best in local, interstate and global acts. They will let you know what's trending, who to watch out for and basically you keep you in the loop in all things Music. 

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