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Adelaide has never been known as the fashion capital of Australia, but you know what....we are ok with that.


Some of our interstate neighbours may have the assumption that we rock the flannies and uggies look, but truth beknown, we have created our own sense of style here in our city. Whether it be the Heaps Good Apparel circa 2008 or a patriotic Farmer's Union Iced Coffee Novelty Tank, we certainly do have our own sense of style.


Style is what you make of it and our Fashion Blogger Jay Martin puts it perfectly when he says "fashion isn't only the hottest garbage bag poncho blowing minds on the runways of Paris and Rome but fashion is what us average joe's bang on our bods every that make us happy". Jay will be telling you what the hottest threads are and also giving you some style advice from time to time. Jay looks forward to taking you on a fashion journey.


The MANABOUTADL team realise everybody has their own unique style and we look forward to celebrating that uniqueness with you - our readers, because again - Fashion is what you make of it. 

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