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After being born in Adelaide, Tom's family moved to Port Lincoln where he spent majority of his childhood. He loved to play sports, particularly swimming as a youngster, along with football, basketball & cricket (or anything that got him out of homework after school). He developed a love for physical education from the get go and would always be listening to absorb information in any field that would better him as an athlete. In any coaches report you can find from Tom's childhood states that his greatest assets is his "coachability" and how easy it is for him to learn and retain information & instruction. He first started going to the gym when he was 14 years old with the idea in his head to "bulk up" for his sporting career. Later deciding that he just liked to go to the gym to look at the talented females roaming around and not much "bulking up" was ever achieved. The gym owner at the time took Tom under his wing from a young age and started training him, but not just as a personal trainer would train a client now. He would train Tom as if he could see a future for him in this industry. Every style of training, every type of movement, every type of muscle contraction, the list goes on.


Tom later made the move over to Adelaide to attend boarding school at Immanuel College. Halfway through his senior year he enrolled for his Cert III & IV for 12 months later. He's always known from a very young age that this industry is what he wanted to pursue and he hasn't looked back since. Tom became a personal trainer at the tender age of 19 , later becoming the Fitness Director at that same gym at just the age of 22 with a successful amount of clients who have remained close friends over their own personal fitness journey. Tom still has that same burning passion to relay knowledge learnt from a short but eventful career in the fitness industry, across to the followers of MANABOUTADL.

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