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SKIN PHOENIX – A place where your skin will thank you.

If you are a male and looking for a business offering amazing facial treatments, look no further than local western suburbs business Skin Phoenix. Skin Phoenix is owned and operated by Adelaide local Sharna Taheny in a beautiful art deco inspired building in industrial Port Adelaide.

Skin Phoenix was born after Sharna bit the bullet and launched her own business venture in March 2020 after thinking about it for many years. Passionate about skin care and looking after herself Sharna had been doing facials for friends from her home studio before branching out to her bricks and mortar location. Little did she know that she would be launching her business before the global pandemic affected our country. Due to the government enforced lockdowns Sharna had to cease operations for a period of three months before reopening in June 2020.

But Sharna bounced back with a vengeance and has had approximately 189 clients pass through her doors in the past year. Included in that number are seven males that have come in for regular treatments. Some of her male clients have reported they had been turned away from other venues offering facial treatments due to their gender. To her surprise at hearing this feedback Sharna welcomed male clients to Skin Phoenix with open arms. Sharna has been able to assist her male clients with their personal skin concerns such as acne and congestion and all of her male clients have reported a level of comfort by coming into her studio. Sharna says, “the thing that sets me apart from other players in the market when it comes to treating male skin is that I am very welcoming and it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, my door is always open”. She added by saying “you can come in get a facial and relax”.

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If you are planning to go into Skin Phoenix for a skin treatment, Sharna’s advice is to come prepared and know what you are after and what you want to get out of your treatment. Sharna has developed a series of treatment packages which are not tailored to any specific gender. Sharna says, “there are no differences between male and female skin because skin is skin”. In regard to skin care regimes Sharna’s advice for males is to definitely apply sunscreen in the harsh Aussie sun and to not buy into the misconception that skin care involves a 10-step routine. She says that all you need is a good cleanser and a product with SPF.

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Sharna believes that 2021 is going to be an amazing year and she said that January has been extremely busy, she added “nothing can be as bad as what 2020 delivered”. Her future plans for Skin Phoenix are to expand her treatment offerings including updating and adding new machinery and focussing on microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and extractions. Sharna’s most popular treatment offering at Skin Phoenix is the Hydro jelly masks and she said that some of her clients come to her specifically for that treatment. There are only a few places in Adelaide that offer hydro jelly masks which involves the application of a hydrating gel that is brushed over your face and left to set before being peeled off. Sharna says that the hydro jelly masks are extremely popular and offer many benefits for tired and stressed skin.

Sharna’s current client base varies in ages and she has treated people as young as 17 and people into their 60’s. Sharna is ready to accept new clients and is excited at the prospect of seeing more males come through her doors. She said that no matter your skin concern whether it be acne concerns or oily T zones, she can help. Sharna welcomes you to come in you are just after a relaxing treatment as she will provide you with an unbeatable pampering experience. The other thing we at MANABOUTADL love about Skin Phoenix is the affordable price points of Sharna’s services. The majority of people in Sharna’s social network are university students or part-time workers and Sharna said, “I’ve heard over the years from friends that they can’t afford to have facials or skin care routines or even take time out for themselves, so one of my main goals was to always remain affordable for my clients with my pricing as well as sourcing and recommending skin care products that don’t break the bank”. Sharna also prides herself on the vibe she has created in her studio and she said that she is always down for a chat and if you want to download, she said she is a great listener. Sharna says, “I wanted to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can be pampered and have a chat about your life as well”. She goes on to say, “I’m always there for my clients and love watching them grow and kick their goals in every month when they come in”. Skin Phoenix is definitely a MANABOUTADL approved business as Sharna is championing removing the stigma when it comes to males and skin care.

Signature Treatments:

- Running Errands

- The Phoenix

- Zen Treatment

- The Full Monty

- Baby Got Back

- Got You Covered

- Face Cupping

- Countouring Mask

- Anti-ageing treatment

- Acne Treatment

For more information on what these treatments include please follow Skin Phoenix on socials.

Follow on facebook: Skin Phoenix

As well as on Instagram: Skin Phoenix

You can find Skin Phoenix at 3 Kyle Place, PORT ADELAIDE


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