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Adelaide is consistently rated as one of the world's most liveable cities. In 2016 the Economist Intelligence Unit's Liveability index rated Adelaide as the fifth most liveable city in the world. Travel guide company The Lonely Planet listed Adelaide as one of the hottest places to visit in 2017. For a city of our size, to continually receive these accolades - we must be doing something right. Sure enough, we have our flaws but what city doesn't? When we are talking about lifestyle, Adelaide really has it all. 

When you stand in the Adelaide CBD, you have the foothills to East, the beach to the West, The Barossa Wine Country and the Flinders Ranges to the North and McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula to the South. We have wide un-congested streets, sure enough we are always faced with roadworks but hopefully one day we will have that free flowing North-South corridor. 

In Adelaide we also have the most amazing fresh produce at our disposal, amazing seafood from the Eyre Peninsula and lets not forget some of the world's most famous wines. We also have really affordable house prices where you can still afford to buy a house and yep, get home soon after finishing work to enjoy living in it. 



Lifestyle - will highlight many of the aspects that make living here freakin awesome. We know many complain about our current electricity crisis and the unemployment figures however instead of dwelling on the negatives - let's focus on the positives. As a side note, let's hope we can improve in those two aspects and we are pretty much golden!

Food and Wine Reviews - Brett Humphrys will take you on a culinary journey visiting the best in Adelaide Food Venues. Whether that be your favourite local Indian to your fancy French restaurant - Brett will have you covered. Brett will also visit new eateries as they pop up around our city and give you his top tips on what to order! 

Wine Reviews - Mark Curtis has been working in the wine industry for years and boy, does he know his wines. Mark will guide you through a selection of wines and actually tell you more than you really need to know about a wine. It may sound boring - but its so bloody interesting. Mark will also provide you with a scorecard for each wine including which meal to pair the grape juice up with. After all, don't we live in the best wine country in the world. 


Hydration - What's Hydration you ask? Hydration will bring to you everything that is not wine. From cocktails to cold pressed coffee and juice and even Kombucha. Cameron and Eric will have you covered in all things to quench that thirst. 


Health and Fitness - Tom Sandercock is just a gun. Tom (Owner of F45) Grote Street brings you the reader with a honest and realistic approach to fitness. He will provide MAA followers with fitness tips to inspire you to take healthy steps to better health.


Men's Alternative and Holistic Health - Steve Hayter is passionate about men's mental, physical and spiritual health. He enjoys breaking down the barriers and the stigma that often prevents men seeking assistance when they need it the most. Steve will bring the modern man of Adelaide nourishing experiences that facilitate their journey to health, authenticity and happiness. This is a topic we are definitely excited to bring you.  


People - This is a feature which will make you proud to be an Adelaidean. We will highlight Men of Adelaide who are making a difference. We believe it is important to celebrate these successes. From students to business owners, we look forward to introducing you to the people that inhabit this city. We also look forward to introducing you to our brand ambassadors.

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