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Not all Hayters are  gonna Hayt

Steve was born and raised in Murray Bridge and moved to Adelaide at age 19 after spending a year in Sweden on youth exchange. Steve has a strong background in contact centre service and communication and currently works as a Call Quality Coach for a private business school. Steve is fascinated by whole of life health and the resources available to help facilitate one's journey. As part of this fascination, Steve had the opportunity to co-host a wellness podcast called That Paleo Show for 18 months where he was able to interview prominent wellness figures from all over the world and learn from their insights. Steve is trained in Transcendental Meditation and when he’s not working in his 9-5, he enjoys playing table tennis competitively and being a part of the community at CrossFit Iron Mill.


Steve loves living in Adelaide for it’s convenience, well mannered locals, the vibrant festival culture, and access to the best food and wine in the world. When the opportunity arose to join the Man About ADL team, it was a no brainer to jump on board and embrace it as an opportunity to make a positive impact in the men’s health space. Steve will be reviewing men’s wellness experiences and helping to highlight the resources available to blokes looking for support in all aspects of their life. It’s time to break the stigma, speak up and be the change.



Steve Hayter

Men's Alternative & Holistic Health 

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