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This is Mark, who was born into the world of wine. It all began for Mark having grown up on the family vineyard in McLaren Vale where he learnt to pick grapes at a young age. His passion for wine grew as he got older and then finished high school, worked part time in the family wine company all whilst at university. 


In 2004 Mark commenced full time work in the wine industry and it simply became a way of life for him. Mark loves everything about wine and the wine industry and he wants to share this passion through his involvement with MANABOUTADL. Mark also loves to travel and also enjoy new experiences. 


Mark has a very laid back nature and his wife often says that if he was any more laid back that he would be asleep. 


We all know our state produces some of the best wine so we look forward to Mark's recommendations and reviews especially for MANABOUTADL! 

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