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Interview | Sean Baker from PEAQ Conditioning

MANABOUTADL's Tom interviews Sean Baker, owner of PEAQ Conditioning.  

Sean's coaching qualifications:

What is PEAQ Conditioning Coaching and what products/services does it offer?

At PEAQ Conditioning we offer individually tailored fitness programs online, clean sports supplements, sporting clubs pre-season training and in-season fitness programs as well as one-on-one personal training and group training

Why did you get into the fitness industry?

I originally got into the industry because of my love for elite sport. I knew that I was never skillful enough to make it to the top level as a player, however I wanted to combine my ability to be able to push myself beyond personal limits, with the culture that is involved in elite sport settings.  

What is an important lesson you have learnt, so far, in your career?

I have learnt that reputation and respect within the industry is earned and not just given.  

So many people come straight out of their study and think that they will immediately walk straight into a full-time fitness role, working with 30+ clients, or an elite sporting team.

The reality is, it is nothing like that at all. It more often than not takes months, or even years, of voluntary/low-paid roles, along with hours’ worth of free training sessions in order to show people how hard you are willing to work and the quality of your work.

In particular Adelaide is a small city and industry networks tend to be tight knit.  As such, you need to make sure every impression you make is positive and you are representing yourself and your personal brand professionally.

What's a career highlight for you?

To date there have been two particular scenarios that have stuck in my mind during my career. The first highlight is running the senior fitness program in 2015 when West Adelaide won the SANFL grand final.

The second highlight was helping a client with cerebral palsy walk 3km in the Adelaide City to Bay.

What is some advice you have for anyone looking to get into the fitness industry?

This industry can be amazing to work in, you just have to be willing to put hard work in. Short term sacrifices lead to long term rewards.

The fitness industry is a highly concentrated field, you need to be clear on where your particular passion lies and how you can stand out from everyone else.

Additionally, this field is multifaceted which opens opportunities to work in a range of sports and with varying client populations.

What can we expect from PEAQ in 2018?

PEAQ Conditioning Coaching is always expanding, creating new content and developing new cutting-edge fitness services.

As such, 2018 will be no different. As well as continuing to distribute our supplements to a wider spread of sporting clubs, we will be focused on providing the number 1 online fitness tool in Australia.

Secondly, we will be moving towards providing a total mind-body service with the introduction of mobility classes and wellness workshops.

Lastly, keep an eye out on your televisions for PEAQ Coaches Jaimi, Sam and Sean as they take on an obstacle course reality tv show.

PEAQ Conditioning (Sam, Sean & Jaimi)

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You can follow PEAQ Conditioning on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

You can find Tom at F45 CBD West (173 Grote Street, Adelaide)


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