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What is SNAP Wireless?

The Snap Wireless team have delivered on their promise of launching a wireless charger which is both functional and efficient on a number of levels. I have been road testing the Snap Wireless products for the past month and these products have been an ultimate game changer.

There’s been so many times that I’ve woken up in the morning and realised that I’d forgotten to turn the power switch on to charge my mobile. We live in an age where we are so heavily reliant on our mobile devices and with the nature of the work that I do, I absolutely must have a fully charged battery. There has been a recent trend that all the latest mobile devices being released onto the market with a wireless feature, suggests that our busy lives will be supported without cords!

Snap Wireless – History

Snap Wireless is the brain child of two local MenAboutADL who have been friends since their high school years. Michael Wang and Mark Johnston who are 24 and 23 respectively, worked together in the telecommunications industry and they have used this experience to build their brand to what it is today. The idea for Snap Wireless was born when Mark became frustrated with the multiple cables that he had to rummage through to charge his devices. This is an experience that I think we can all resonate with mixed with other issues like the cigarette lighter charges often have a limited shelf life before they eventually become non-functional or the wires in the neck of the charging cord are exposed and become a hazard. Mark took his frustration and developed a solution, a product that would ultimately make his life easier and then go on to make our lives easier. Mark and his friend Michael commenced research and development and identified a clear gap in the market of wireless charging devices. It was only in July 2017 that they decided to register their business and turn this dream into a dollars. But what exactly is Snap Wireless?

Snap Wireless – The Products


The flagship product for the business is the uber stylish SnapMount. The SnapMount is suitable for any vehicle, as you simply apply the clasp to the air conditioning vent by simply releasing the mechanism on the rear of the device, an arm opens to allow you to easily clamp it on. Its design is elegant and non-obtrusive as it still allows air to flow past the circle shaped front face. The beauty of the multipurpose SnapMount is that it allows you to charge your mobile as well as act as a docking station which rotates in a 360-degree motion. No more ugly suction caps on your windscreen which obstruct your view of the road in front of you. The SnapMount is sexy, yet stylish and it’s been a talking point when friends hop in my car. The word ‘Snap’ illuminates in the colour Blue which indicates that your phone is ready for charging. It’s extremely useful if you rely heavily on Google Maps, as it’s a legal requirement to dock your phone if you are using it for the GPS function.

The SnapMount consists of safe and rare earth magnets. It also has built-in Qi wireless technology which essentially is the fancy term given to wireless charging. The product is compatible with most of the latest phones going on the market. Samsung has had this type of technology for quite some time and Apple fans rejoice as it has been announced that this type of technology will be integrated into the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X models. It is almost a given that majority of the competitors out there will soon follow suit.

Fun fact: Qi Pronounced: CHEE is derived from the Chinese word of Qi which essentially means Energy Flow.

The Desk Mount

Included in the pack is a small ‘mount’ that has an adhesive bottom which allows to fix the mount to any desk whether it be in your home or office. For added flexibility, you can use the small mount to on your vehicles dashboard. This enables you to continually charge your mobile without having to carry your power cable with you. It also allows for continuous charging throughout the day whether you are driving to your destination and even makes your desk look ultra-high-tech whilst you are charging your phone and pumping out the work.

Snap Wireless iPhone Case

The iPhone Wireless Phone Case that we road tested is an object that promotes style. It consists of a hard-durable case that has a non-slip grip feature on the back of the case. It is Grey in colour and has the words ‘Snap Wireless’ emblazoned on the bottom right hand corner of the case. It also includes a metallic clasp that covers and protects the charging port from dust and other foreign materials when it is not being charged. What I love about the case is its slimline design which surprises me as it hosts the Qi technology as well as magnets that enable it to attach to the SnapMount. It’s of a lightweight design and it’s a seamless process when it comes to attaching to your mobile device. It is suitable for the following mobile devices:

  • iPhone 6/6P Plus

  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus


The Verdict

Michael and Mark have absolutely nailed these products. Not only do the products live up the hype, they are also stylishly designed and crafted with premium materials. The SnapMount is strong and extremely lightweight. The clasp that clamps onto your vehicles air vents has an amazingly strong spring that gives you confidence that it won’t fall off whilst you are driving. The combination of metallic, glass and rubber materials used for the SnapMount exudes luxury. The cool feature I found is the illuminated blue ‘Snap’ as it allowed me to know exactly where the mount was at night when the interior lights eventually dimmed.

The wireless iPhone case stuck to the mount with ease and it didn’t require a strong forceful action to dislodge my device from the SnapMount. The ability to rotate the SnapMount 360 degrees made adjusting the mount to your desire as I found that the glare of the Sun meant that it was hard to view the GPS feature for google maps. I have benefited greatly from having the Snap Wireless products as I am never caught with the dreaded alert beep that tells me my phone is about to shutdown.

What these fellas have achieved since July is amazing, they have secured a working relationship with three high profile Telstra stores to expose their product to the public with a reputable retailer, developed a website, created an amazing presence across social media platforms and sold in excess of 500 units.

The boys have created a quality product that is easy to use as soon as you remove it from the packaging and the bonus is, it’s extremely affordable. So, should you buy one? I say heck yes! It’s a stylish product that will make your life a hell of a lot easier without having to face the anxiety of going low battery at times when you need your phone the most. Best of all, it’s a local product, so by buying Snap Wireless you are supporting local.

Watch this space as we anticipate a new product release in the coming weeks and it doesn't stop here, word is they are also looking to improve and expand their current product range. Follow their socials to watch out for any new announcements.

Snap Wireless are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

You can purchase the Snap Wireless range direct from their website: as well as from selected Telstra Stores.


Quick Summary

Product: Snap Wireless (Qi Technology Products)


  • iPhone Bundle which includes (SnapMount, Desk Mount and Wireless iPhone Case) $109.95

  • SnapCase – iPhone Wireless Receiver Case $49.95

  • SnapMount – Wireless Car and Desk Charger $79.95

  • SnapReceiver – Wireless Charging Receiver $24.95

  • Wireless Bundle - $94.95

Pros: Stylish, Easy to use, Functional and Efficient, Versatile, Rotating SnapMount feature, doubles as a multipurpose dock, Wireless Charging receiver is available so any smart phone can utilize this technology and affordable.

Cons: Limited choice of colours for the case covers, only one desk mount included and not for individual sale.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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