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Interview with Journalist & Actor Kale Brock

Kale Brock

If optimum health through a healthy functioning gut is the game, then Kale Brock would certainly be the name. Kale Brock is an award nominated journalist, health and exercise coach, podcast host, and storyteller. His book ‘The Gut Healing Protocol’ was a game changer for me because his 8 week gut healing protocol highlighted how great it’s possible to feel when you take a bit of time to heal and look after your gut. I’m really excited to bring you this interview where we discuss his current project ‘The Gut Movie’, his top 3 ‘bang for buck’ pieces of health advice for blokes, and a healthy pizza recipe that’s actually good for you!

Over to you Kale.

Tell us a little bit about you and some highlights of growing up in Adelaide?

I was actually born in Port Augusta and was constantly between Adelaide and there growing up ‘til about 15 years old. My brother and I were super outdoorsy; footy, soccer, tennis, surf lifesaving, surfing, athletics - everything. I think Adelaide lends itself to that sort of childhood especially when you grow up by the beach like I did. Port Augusta was different. We’d kick the footy, sure, but it would be around the camp site in the Flinders Ranges or out west somewhere, or we’d fish and chase mud crabs. I feel like we were pretty primal in a way haha and we weren’t sheltered from much.

What are you kicking arse at at the moment and who do you want it to help?

Ummm… Welllllll I don’t really love that expression but I know that I’m good at what I do, which essentially is telling stories. Telling stories for me is all about inspiring or educating people into action which has the potential to change their lives. That’s the essence of it. Right now I’m in the final process of editing my documentary ‘The Gut Movie’, all about the gut & the microbiome. I traveled to Namibia and lived with a local tribe over there and also interviewed some of the top scientists and experts in Australia. The movie is amazing - it’s the best project I’ve ever created. And probably the most scary seeing as I am the writer, producer, director and presenter and have funded the whole thing myself. I would prefer to have not worn all those hats but hey that’s what you have to do sometimes when you have a certain vision in mind :) I’m also writing & shooting some creative projects which are more comedy/drama focused so am enjoying the variety. Hmm okay - I’m kicking arse at being in control of my life - that cool?

How have you turned your passions into a career?

I didn’t see any other option. When you don’t have a plan B there’s no choice but to make it happen.

Note from Steve: Watch Tony Robbins - Burn the boats (language)

What are your top 3 bang for buck pieces of health advice for the blokes of Adelaide and South Australia?

1. Eat real food. whole, natural, organic if possible, unprocessed, real, fresh food. Eat from nature.

2. Move your body every single day even if it’s just cruising for a walk in the lunch break. Make it playful & relaxed - don’t be busting out deadlifts and shit if your passion is in play.

3. Relax. Stop. Relax. This whole 9-5, five days a week thing is lame and redundant. Take more time off - enjoy your life and take control.

What are some of the most underrated things blokes can do regularly to invest in their health?

See point 3 above. Men respond to stress in interesting ways. They close up. Their estrogen levels increase and they become aggressive. Relax boys. Find healthy outlets for your energy like surfing, footy and playing with the grommets.

Who inspires you and why?

Robert Downey Junior. He’s so freaking talented and quirky it’s unreal. Tim Ferriss because he started my whole entrepreneurial journey. And Dr Damian Kristof, too. But he’s Melbourne based… He’s a man about Melbourne… is that a dirty word here?

In your opinion, what are the positive attributes of today’s modern man?

I really respect those who can adorn their masculinity without superfluity or being ostentatious. I feel like society is confusing the message of who men should/could be and it takes someone strong and special to ignore societal expectations and become their own version of themselves.

If you could eradicate one piece of social stigma around men’s health, what would it be and why?

Um. Men having a support network. It needs to happen more. Sometimes that support network might be the lads at work, or at footy, or at the pub. I’d probably lessen the emphasis on the beer and place more importance on the communication.

Favourite apps right now?

I just discovered Celtx for screenwriting. It’s a game changer.

Favourite books right now?

Wilbur Smith. Always. The characters within taught me to become a man.

Favourite podcasts right now?

Off Camera with Sam Jones. The Tim Ferriss Show always has some good ones too.

Favourite documentaries right now?

Top activities to do when in Adelaide?

Surfing. Bounce. The new footy oval ain’t bad too, right?

Please share with us your favourite recipe.

Where can people go to learn more about you and follow your journey?

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