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Interview: Jack Parkinson

Jack Parkinson, from JP Light & Sound, is a local boy who started up Djing at house parties before breaking in to Djing at clubs. He now owns multiple businesses and has done so much already, it's hard to believe he is only 24 years young with a lot of momentum, there's no stopping him.

What got you into DJing?

A few reasons, the love of music and the pursuit of always wanting the best/newest music to show my friends definitely sparked my interest in DJing. Older influences got me into Virtual DJ and let me use their DJ equipment when I was in school, which led me to purchasing my own set during year 12.

Do you see Adelaide as a good place for business?

In our situation it has worked to be quite beneficial due to the fact that we rely heavily on word of mouth. Adelaide is a tight knit community with very few degrees of separation, which makes networking easier. So, as a business, if you continue to provide a good service and people know what you do, the good word will eventually spread.

What are your next plans? Is there anything big coming our way next?

We have just finished creating our 'JP Events: Adelaide' which is a ticket sales website that allows us to sell tickets online for all types of events. Moving forward we are looking to combine our business service offerings ('JP Light & Sound', 'JP Event Management' and 'JP Events: Adelaide') and help organise a whole range of events.

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