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Latest from Man ABOUT ADL

Rising to the ‘Occasion’

Entrepreneurship is coming in and traditional business is going out. With unemployment steadily on the rise and the career paths of university graduates looking rather dismal, entrepreneurship is one of the interesting solutions being proposed, and it is about time. More and more I am see people taking that first step, swallowing deep breath and saying ‘F*ck it, I’ll make my own opportunities.’ I did it. I aim to continue doing it.

With the rise of events focused on entrepreneurship, increasing political endorsement of innovation, and even the acclaimed harbinger of innovation itself, Elon Musk, paying us a visit, we might find ourselves thinking that we are a little spoilt for choice. So many wonderful and exciting things are indeed happening, but I often find that venues are often not as full as you might expect. So, where is everyone? Especially us younger generations who can’t find employment?

We are busy. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves. It is easy for people to pass a few events and say ‘meh, maybe next year’. However, building a strong network and learning valuable lessons from those with experience, does not happen by itself. Every event passed is a missed opportunity. Entrepreneurship is built on opportunity. It thrives on it.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to go to every single event. That’s absurd. What I am saying is that there are so many gems out there in Adelaide and many are simply missing out in opportunities that could take them to the next stage of their career. Want to know where to look? Start by Googling it. Put an event in your calendar and go. You will begin fall down the wonderful rabbit hole that is the event life here in Adelaide.

The International Astronautical Congress, the Global Collaboration Conference, and generationYOU, are just some of the exciting events happening here very soon. Get on board. We at MANABOUTADL will be and we want you to be there. Stop missing out on the opportunities in front of you and life by the…*ahem*…throat.

Invest in yourself and go to the great events out there. You will go a long way and SA will too. Prove those people wrong who think that Adelaide are a bunch of small minded people who are inherently resistant to change.

Adelaide is the place to grow and make things happen.

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