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Latest from Man ABOUT ADL

Up and ready for your morning glory?

You may have been down to Victor Harbor and noticed a cool little black caravan sitting on the side of the road, just past the new overpass entry into McLaren Vale.

Known as ‘The Short Black Caravan’, this little beauty is the brain child of owner and operator and head roaster of Dal Mare Coffee, Tyrone Carruthers.

Up early and braving the cold, Tyrone has been delivering us that desperately craved kick in the morning.

With his sights set on delivering our cup of gold from sustainable and ethical farms, Tyrone has jumped head first into opening a tasting house in the heart of the Main Street in McLaren Vale. The best news is that it’s opening this Sunday. I have been lucky to get an early glimpse into his newest location, where he’ll be offering vintage bike hire to get you around the best of the region.

Finding this guy may be tricky to begin with, as I’m not going to tell you exactly where it is. Sorry, but if it means that I can get my coffee without lining up, then I’m going to keep this one a secret for just a little longer.…. But seriously, check this one out next time you’re down in McLaren Vale. You may even get a special coffee tasting for one of the new single origins coming through.


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