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EP Launch: Friday 21 September 2018, 8pm

Venue: The Jade (Adelaide)

Satan's Cheerleaders - Sourced: Facebook

Satan's Cheerleaders - Image Sourced: Facebook

Adelaide’s own art-rockers Satan’s Cheerleaders released their latest 5-track EP The Mechanical Turk last Friday 21 September 2018 at The Jade to a packed room.

This was an incredible evening of punchy music with powerful overtones of a jazzy hubbub and rock/pop fusion that showcases the talents of James Capatch on tenor sax grooving across Jarrad Payne’s frenzied drum rhythms and Jamie Mensforth’s fantastic bass rhythms that are interrupted by Simon Ridley’s crunchy guitar riffs and explosive rockabilly style vocal.

Simon Ridley with bassist James Mensforth - Photo: Rowena Garcia

The curious thing about Satan’s Cheerleaders (other than their name – which I encourage you to Google) is that their music commands your full attention. There is no getting around it, this is all about an active listening experience as you feel invested from the start.

Saxophonist James Capatch - Photo: Rowena Garcia

However experimental they become with syncopated rhythms and mid-phrase genre swapping, their melodies are always super catchy which grounds the enthralled listener. The energy created by these talented guys is genuinely superb. Song one from their EP TV is a spirited pop anthem with its groaning sax line and catchy chorus was a crowd favourite (see a studio preview here).

Bassist Jamie Mensforth – Photo: Rowena Garcia

Jarrad Payne’s excitable rhythms in Into The Light (off their 2014 release The New Adventures of Satan’s Cheerleaders) took many unexpected turns, instantly transforming the clamorous heavy grinding metal-esque mood into a sensually saxy avant-garde jazz moment.

Saxophonist James Capatch - Photo: Rowena Garcia

The equally tumultuous jazz pop Jack Rabbit Part 1 & 2 had the crowd swinging and grooving. Halfway through the evening Emily Smart from Nakatomi was invited to sing on their pop track Baby Let’s Roll. This followed with the ska- infested Those Poisoned Cats of Tehran, Right Outta Line, the quirky egg inspired Spooning on a Spoon, and finishing with the sonic bedlam of Kricfalusi (from their 2008 release Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea).

Simon Ridley, Jamie Mensforth with Emily Smart (Nakatomi) – Photo: Rowena Garcia

Each member of Satan’s Cheerleaders is incredibly engaging to watch. They are consistently tight and true to their direction to baffle and delight and somehow you always land back safely in the palm of a catchy melody.

Simon Ridley – Photo: Rowena Garcia

Their latest EP The Mechanical Turk is an absolute must listen and better yet if you get to see them live you will not be disappointed, in fact you’ll be excessively delighted.

The Mechanical Turk is available from their website or

Social Links:

Satan’s Cheerleaders on Facebook

Satan’s Cheerleaders on Instagram

Satan’s Cheerleaders on Bandcamp:


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