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The flavours of Mexico in the heart of Chinatown.

Nestled in amongst some of Adelaide’s favourite Asian eateries you’ll find Guzman Y Gomez (Australia’s most authentic Mexican retail chain). The chain’s new Gouger Street Taqueria joins over 100 Guzman Y Gomez restaurants operating nationwide. Guzman Y Gomez was brought to Adelaide through a partnership with South Australian company, Peregrine Corporation. This lead to Guzman Y Gomez opening its first SA store on King William Street in 2017 and now they have recently expanded to open their second SA store on Gouger street. The first Guzman Y Gomez store was opened in Newtown, Sydney in 2006 and by April 2012, there were 12 stores across the country.

Robert Hazan founded Guzman Y Gomez in 2006. Robert grew up in the States with fantastic, authentic Mexican food at an affordable price and when he moved to Australia he could not find any Mexican food that compared to back home. It was clear to him that there was a gap in the market and saw it as the perfect opportunity to introduce Australians to quality Mexican food served quickly at reasonable prices.

Guzman Y Gomez specialises in Mexican dishes such as tacos, nachos and burritos and serves famous Mexican refreshments like Latin lemonade and frozen margaritas. Guzman Y Gomez aims to change the fast food industry by providing great food at speed without compromising in ethically sourced ingredients, quality, taste or nutrition. The company uses 100% sow-stall free pork, Lilydale free range chicken and uses 100% grass fed beef. Every Guzman Y Gomez meal is prepared fresh on site using the most authentic and ethically sourced ingredients.

We were impressed that the enthusiastic chef’s make the guacamole from scratch every morning by opening and mashing the avocados by hand and all the meat is marinated and chopped up instore. To make sure the food is consistently served to the best standard, the chefs use a system called ‘GYG Walk the Line’. Every time a fresh batch of food is cooked, at least 4 staff members use the ‘GYG Walk the Line’ checklist to ensure standards are met. This includes making sure the white rice is bright white and fluffy and the chicken strips are 2cm by 2cm in size. It’s the attention to detail that set Guzman Y Gomez away from their competitors.

Some of our personal favourites that we sampled on the night included the Grilled Barramundi Burrito Bowl as well as a Burrito with a combination of Grilled Steak and Chicken. When you decide to give Guzman Y Gomez a visit, you simply cannot say no to their Fries (complete with skin on) and their Chipotle Mayonnaise. To further enhance your dining experience, there is also a condiments station to add more spice with a selection of sauces and jalapenos. The food is ridiculously flavoursome and delicious. We demand you check out Guzman Y Gomez next time you are in the city.

Head to the Guzman Y Gomez website for more information. You can also follow their Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

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