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THE FASHION VAULT - Back to basics, Oxford Shirt and Chino

Wussup wussup, welcome back my fashion loving family. Moving on from the last article on the basic tee and jean.

I’m gonna hit you with the classic, a timeless piece, a piece that looks amazing on every man no matter your size, shape or event you may be attending. It’s the oxford shirt. Slim fitting worn under another piece such as a blazer, woolen crewneck jumper or cardigan, in my case as an outer garment, unbuttoned over a crewneck tee giving you a much more casual appearance perfect on an amazing spring day. Invest in 100% cotton and if you’re able get more than one.

Trendspotter - Oxford shirt

The next piece is the chino pant. The reason is that some people don’t like to wear the jeans everyday. This gives you the option of something different yet still having something that can be worn for any occasion, weather it be formal setting or something more relaxed like A day on the green, wine in hand and blessed with a melody such as Darryl Braithwaite ‘Horses’. Again a cotton or cotton blend for material would be best and a couple of pairs in neutral colors gives you versatility.

Trendspotter - chinos

Also just a reminder please hit me up with questions or even ideas you may have in regards to what I have posted or what you’d like me to cover in future content.

Thanks guys for sussing out my piece, plenty more to come so keep an eye out for my next installment of The Fashion Vault, again for more fashion tips and tricks suss out styleaboutadl on Facebook and Insta, and if you have any questions, hit us up at.


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