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Some like it HOT! Madame Hanoi - Chilli Festival!

If you like it hot and spicy, we have the place for you! For the next month, the ever-delicious Madame Hanoi will be hosting Adelaide's inaugural ‘Chilli Festival.’

Chef Raj Kumar has put together an amazing menu that is infused with a myriad of chillies, sure to heat up the taste buds. They range from your run of the mill Thai chilli, right through to the soul scorching Carolina Reaper!

The menu starters consist of spicy beef bao, king prawns, charred eggplant and crispy chicken wings. Each comes with a chilli rating, allowing patrons to go as hard or soft as they like with their level of heat. If you’re feeling a little more daring, you can order the cayenne pork skewers to be served as a ‘hot chilli roulette’, where four identical skewers are served, with one much hotter than the others - the perfect way to put your friendships to the test!

Main dishes of SA Kingfish and steamed mussels continue the hot and tasty vibes, leaving you begging for one of the gin infused cucumber coolers - a must for your chilli fest. There’s also a chilli Mai Tai, served with a halved chilli in the glass should you want to dive in and move the chilli-feeling to your drinks.

Don’t think dessert can’t be chilli infused! With a choice of chocolate chilli cake or honey and chilli ice-cream, even the sweet tooths have been catered for.

This mouth watering menu finishes up on 13th May, so it’s time for you and your mates to make a booking and enjoy the Chilli Festival at Madame Hanoi!

Images Supplied by Adelaide Casino - Madame Hanoi


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