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Sneaker Con Melbourne 2nd September 2017

So, the hype surrounding Sneaker Con seemed to be quite prevalent. All the main socials had endless convos of what was to be expected, the people attending, the grails to be had as well as the local brands that were going to be on offer. This got me excited to say the least. Flights were booked, ticket bought and all I needed to do now was figure out what I was gong to wear and daydream about all the sneakers that were going to be attending.

Here are the outfits I chose to flex for the day

Sneaker Con 2017 - Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The big day came and jumping off the tram I could already see the line spewing out from the entrance of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Word filtered through the line that people had already started lining up at 1am Saturday, these people had pre purchased tickets too. It did take a while to get in and there were a lot of people. So many sneakers on foot, it was beautiful. As for the sneakers on sale, it was ridiculous. I mean the prices, there ain't going to be any steals today. The buy, sell and trade pit was more of a desert, not much on offer that’s for sure.

If you were there to buy and sell merchandise, then it was more your day, some amazing local brands flew off the racks and by about 2pm most of it was gone. I think I was more in my element seeing what people were reppin, the sneakers for me on foot were amazing and I was in my happy place. If I was to give the event a rate it would have been a fair 5/10 and that’s because of the turnout, the event organizers should really look at themselves and be ashamed, it was the people and their love for the sneaker which turned a pretty average day into a good one. Lets hope the next event does better, but lets be honest it wouldn’t be hard.

Top row: Image 1 & 2 - Jordan 1 Wings | Image 3 & 4 - Nike X Supreme Uptempo

Bottom row: Image 1 & 2 - Nike X Off White Vapormax | Image 3 & 4 - Nike Air Mag, Back to the Future


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