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The shoe to make others GREENE with envy. The latest from local SA legends RYDERWEAR

Ryderwear is an SA business success story which has branched out to become one of the world's most recognised gym apparel labels. Having just launched a new active wear range a few months ago with products consistently being added, their latest partnership has been extremely impressive. Ryderwear have recently joined forces with popular bodybuilder Kai Greene to release a limted-edition Kai Greene Signature Series lifting shoe.

But you will have to be quick to claim a pair of your own as there are only limited pairs available. If you are a passionate gym fanatic, then this shoe is for you. The shoe made of premium suede leather is uni-sex and has Kai Greene's imprint and signature embossed into the stylish kicks.

If you don't know who Kai Greene is, he is one of the worlds most respected bodybuilders. He has transformed his life and body to fulfil his true destiny, as a result, he aims to inspire millions around the globe. He has become an icon amongst the bodybuilding industry and to add to an already impressive list of credentials, he is also an artist as well as a budding actor.

CEO of Ryderwear, David Lukic, says, "we're thrilled to be collaborating with Kai Greene on his Ryderwear Signature Series shoes as he's one of my biggest inspirations. This shoe signifies the raw essence of Kai and his deep philosophical perspective on life. When customers wear the Kai Greene Signature Series shoe, we hope they feel inspired to achieve their goals and adopt a mind over matter mentality, just like Kai".

These ultra impressive weightlifting kicks possess exceptional attention to detail in its features. The shoes are available in your choice of red, black and charcoal.

David Lukic says, "we've used premium sueded leather because it's Kai's preferred fabric to train in. The flat sole and latex heel cushioning allows you to keep as close to the ground as possible, great for major lifts such as squats and deadlifts...

"You'll also discover Kai's famous words, 'thoughts become things' embossed inside the plush padded tongue, all adding to the uniqueness of the shoe. The extra high-top shoe features a patent leather heel, metal tip laces and triangular custom metal eyelets - the triangle symbolises 'The Predator,' on of Kai's well-known stage names, " says David Lukic.

Kai Greene says, "A lot of details has been put in producing this quality product. When I see the shoe though, I see a monument to a larger idea... When I look at this shoe I feel like the idea that thoughts become things is capsulised in that."

Seriously MANABOUTADL followers, treat yourself to an early Christmas present and log on today to claim your pair. Remember, there is limited stock so to buy your own Kai Greene Signature Series Shoes by clicking the following link:

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