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Hello MOTO! - New Ryderwear collection released just in time for Christmas

For all of you die-hard Ryderwear fans out there, Christmas has come early!

Another collection has dropped, a week out from Christmas and we are absolutely pumped, this is quite possibly one of their best collections to date.

The latest offering, known as MOTO, features the sleek tones of black, grey and khaki.

The pieces are so versatile that you can use them as activewear as well as casual threads for a weekend coffee or brunch with mates.

This is another amazing release from the Ryderwear legends just weeks after their impressive collaboration with body builder Kai Greene. The MOTO collection has been designed to enhance confidence and determination in an individual.

Ryderwear Creative Director, Natalie Lukic, says, “We’ve gone back to our roots with this collection and the true core of what Ryderwear is all about; working hard at the gym and doing so with an untouchable attitude…"

“The MOTO range is for gym-goers who aspire to take their training to the next level,” says Natalie Lukic.

A key feature of this range is the edgy mesh detailing as well as Ryderwear’s trademark functional fabrics. Available in a men’s and women’s range, Ryderwear’s MOTO collection is certainly value for money for exceptional quality. The MOTO collection is unique and offers both comfort and functionality.

Head Designer, Jessica Salvi, says, “We’ve expanded on the strong ethos Ryderwear has always cultivated, with a grungy twist that takes the collection to the biggest and bravest heights yet.

“This collection is extremely functional thanks to the mesh fabric panels… Both the male and female tops are made with moisture wicking performance fabric which allows breathability and comfort whilst working out,” says Jessica Salvi.

For the fellas out there, they are back! Yep, the men’s classic ‘Arnie’ Shorts, hoodies and tanks have made a return in the MOTO colour palate. “All the men’s tops feature mesh paneling which has been carefully placed for ventilation, particularly in the places where we sweat the most,” says Jessica Salvi. Ladies, why not spoil yourself – the women’s range is amazing, doesn’t have to be just the men that look ultra-cool in the MOTO range.

With Christmas one week away, politely suggest your loved ones to head to the Ryderwear website so you don’t end up with another pair of socks. You could even take the fuss away by adding items from the MOTO collection into the cart so that all your loved one has to do is PAY!

Four things we love about MOTO:

1. The Colour: Classic monochrome colours that are aesthetically pleasing. Subtle yet sleek and adds versatility across both men's and women's range.

2. The Details: The mesh panelling and stylish zips add to the superior product that we come to expect from Ryderwear.

3. The Styling: Casual and comfortable and totally acceptable to wear in any social situation whether that be inside or outside the gym.

4. The Functionality: All the finer details have been thought of, from mesh panelling to promote breathability to the quality fabric used means that you will find it hard to find a more versatile and comfortable activewear range out there.

To suss out Ryderwear’s MOTO range for that last minute Christmas gift idea simply head to


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