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The New [England] Kids on the Block: Ranking Australia's best NEIPAs

If you could buy stock in a genre of craft beer, you would be silly not to put your money into the New England IPA. The hazy, fruity style has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years, with interest peaking among craft connoisseurs more recently as Australian brewers perfect the art.

Here, we count down the best Aussie efforts in the burgeoning category.

5. Biggie Juice - Feral Brewing Co (WA)

6% ABV, 40 IBU

Feral can't miss lately (anyone who had the pleasure of trying their 'Tusk' IIPA will have had their mind thoroughly blown), and this is no exception. What began as a limited collaboration with the Royston Hotel in Melbourne is now widely available in SA for your drinking pleasure.

5. Biggie Juice - Feral Brewing Co (WA)

(Photo: darthurlangton/Instagram)

4. The Hazing - Big Shed Brewing Concern (SA)

6.5% ABV, 40 IBU

One of South Australia's finest; Big Shed, delivered with a brew that was so murky in appearance it was almost unappealing. Almost. The fruit smoothie-looking concoction had those of the crafty persuasion heading to the West Thebby Social Club in droves to try it, and it was well and truly worth the trouble.

4. The Hazing - Big Shed Brewing Concern (SA)

(Photo: thelighthousewharfhotel/Instagram)

3. Quiet Deeds Juice Train - Deeds Brewing (VIC)

6.5% ABV, Unknown IBU

Oh man, one of the lesser-known brewers to make the list, the guys in Glen Iris have created the juiciest of the juicy with this bad boy. Drinking in the morning is generally frowned upon, but a cold one of these wouldn't look out of place at the table alongside your bacon and eggs. We only stumbled upon it as a like-for-like alternative after West Thebby's 'The Hazing' taps ran dry, and boy were we glad to have such a brilliant backup. Talk about silver linings...

3. Quiet Deeds Juice Train - Deeds Brewing (VIC)

(Photo: quietdeeds/Instagram)

2. Jedi Juice - Hop Nation (VIC)

7.1% ABV, Unknown IBU

Amazing by can but even better on tap. Victoria's Hop Nation was one of the pioneers in shooting the NEIPA into the Australian spotlight with this absolute beast. Our first taste came on tap at the craft-conscious Gilbert St Hotel, and we've been ecstatic to see it appear canned so widely thereafter.

Jedi Juice - Hop Nation (VIC)

(Photo: craftbeerhouse/Instagram)

1. Bubble & Squeak - Sauce Brewing Co (NSW)

6.5% ABV, 40 IBU

Perfection. The Sauce Brewing team in Marrickville New South Wales have absolutely nailed it with the balanced presence of every element we have come to expect from a New England IPA. It's fruity, it's hoppy without being too bitter, it's perfectly tart. It's one of the best beers we've ever tasted, regardless of genre, and it's holding the crown of the best NEIPA in Australia right now. We can't wait for the next challenger.

Bubble & Squeak - Sauce Brewing Co (NSW)

(Photo: saucebrewing/Instagram)


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