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Lost Barrel Bar & Grill

Our beautiful city is growing stronger and stronger when it comes to great bars for craft beer, and the new kid on the block is holding its own against the best. Located in the old Baptist Church at 134a The Parade Norwood is Lost Barrel Bar & Grill, boasting a tap range that is second-to-none in South Australia, in a gorgeous setting.

The lines of the bar have played host to some of Australia's most exclusive and sought after craft beers in recent weeks, including the likes of Sauce Brewing's DIPApotomous and Summer Smoothie IPA, Mornington Peninsula's Squid Rising, CVBC's Hazy Mosaic IPA and Green Beacon's ultra smooth POG Milkshake IPA.

Things don't look like slowing down anytime soon, with new options popping up seemingly every time you walk through the door. Friday night sees Lost Barrel host a showdown between two of South Australia's favourite hazy brews, with free tastings of Big Shed's Boozy Fruit and The Hazing. Our vote goes the way of The Hazing, but you judge for yourself!

Throw in free samples of the venue's new One Metre King Skewer from their All You Can Eat Menu and some live music, and you've got yourself a night! Check out the event page HERE.


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