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Local business Sculptr keeping aHEAD of the game!

If you haven’t heard of Sculptr before, keep on reading. Sculptr is a specialised range of unisex hair products and is the brainchild of local Adelaide lad Chris Rea. A qualified barber/hair stylist, Chris has been in the game for over twelve years. Chris says “I’ve known for a very long time that I would always create my own hair product range”. His dream came into fruition around 18 months ago when he launched Sculptr. Chris said that his goal in the beginning was to create a product range that was accessible for anyone, no matter their style or hair type. His determination saw him networking with companies in the hair industry to gather ideas for his business venture. A lot of trailing and tweaking went into creating the product range to ensure that the scents, hold and texture of the product were on point. Fast forward 2 years and Scupltr is being enjoyed by men and women across the globe.

When asked why the name Sculptr? Chris replied, “The brand name Sculptr is derived from being able to sculpt the hair into any style desired”. He goes on to say “I believe that there is also an art when creating and styling the hair, very similar to the arts industry with sculptures – a visual art operating in 3D form, It is almost like being an artist, however instead of creating masterpieces with the likes of stone and ceramics, I’m instead using hair”.

Sculptr is the epitome of a successful local business story. We asked Chris why he chose to produce and launch his product in Adelaide. Chris said that being born and raised in ADL he believed in supporting local where he could so naturally, he wanted to build his brand in this city as the people in this town love supporting local businesses. Chris throughout his career as a barber has been able to develop a lot of positive relationships with people in the hair industry and that it was easy to start and maintain his journey in Adelaide.

The Sculptr range consists of three specialised products: a matte finishing clay, a texturizing hair dust and an Australian sea salt texturizing spray. The whole range can be utilised by the male and female audience however one of the biggest selling points to the men is that the products are easy to use and of a high quality. The products are also suited to all hair types and can be utilised in conjunction with one another or simply on their own. Sculptr prides itself on providing a product range that is animal cruelty free as well as vegan. Chris said that Sculptr is almost completely plastic free with future ranges to be completely glass. A quality product that’s good for the environment sounds like a winner to us!

Chris has long term plans for Sculptr and aims to solidify his place in a tough hair product market. The first stage is to gain traction in Australia and to continue creating a quality product that people enjoy using. Men and Women of Adelaide, we encourage you to start supporting Chris and Sculptr by purchasing his products today! Chris is definitely a MANABOUTADL and we are looking forward to following the future success of Sculptr. You can find the full range of Sculptr products at as well as at a number of barbershops across Adelaide listed below. We are told to keep our eyes peeled to the website and socials as Chris has indicated that a shampoo and conditioner is due to be released toward the end of the year with more products earmarked to be produced into the future.

Chris’s Grooming Tip for Men!

Suffering from oily roots?

The best recommendation that I can give would be to begin your morning routine with our Sculptr Styling Dust, distributing throughout the hair, but focusing more so on the roots, rather than the ends. You want to work this throughout the roots, by massaging in circular motions until worked through. You will then want to use our Sculptr Clay, applying majority of this product throughout the ends of the hair, and not the roots (less than a $0.5c piece for visual. If you suffer from oily roots, you will definitely want to avoid applying this product to the roots. The great benefit of using the Sculptr Dust is that it will act as an absorber and it will help draw out any of that oil or excess moisture from the roots, with the Sculptr Clay then being applied to help finalise the style and give that matte finish to the look.

Living on the finer side of life?

If you are struggling with finer hair, look toward using our Sculptr Styling Dust and stay away from anything oil based. This product will enable volume and texture within the hair, whilst also allowing for the aftermath of looking like you have really oily hair.

Thick Headed?

Males with the luxury of having a thicker head of hair, I would recommend only starting with a small amount first (less than a $0.5c piece for visual), beginning at the ends, and NOT the roots, and then finishing the style with another small amount applied. This way it ensures that you’re not overloading the style with too much product all at once, and allows for the finished result to look 👌🏼

What NOT to do:

Another tip that I would give which is a common mistake that I see from a lot of my clients, would be to NOT start at the fringe when applying any product, and instead work from the back to the front to ensure that majority of the hair product isn’t left in the fringe (definitely not a good look).

You can find Sculptr at these Adelaide Barbershops:

- The Royal Moody – Glenelg

- Plek Barbershop – Currie Street, Adelaide

- Zak’s Grooming – Glenelg South

- Cut snake barber – Glenelg

- Robbie’s Chop Shop – Unley

- Paisley Park Hair – Unley

- Roll’n Royal – Mount Barker

- Apes & Capes – Walkerville

- Slicklobster – Adelaide Arcade (Level 1)

- Uncle Ginos – Eastwood

- Man, The Gentlemans Barber – North Adelaide

- Underground HairCutters – Rundle Mall

- Crew Barber Co – Angle Vale

- The Cutting Station – Hallett Cove

- Da Gianni Barber – Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

All Images Supplied.


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