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How to look good naked

Sure, everyone is invested in their health to some extent.

Sure, everyone is interested in applying functional movements at the gym into everyday life.

It makes sense to us when we hear someone else say something intelligent and obscure that we then apply that to our own beliefs.

It makes sense reading a slogan for a gym or reading a website review on a personal trainer and feeling the sense of urgency to invest in your health for back 9 of life.

But what is the one thing deep down that everyone shares the same compassion for?

We all want to look good naked.

Robbie Williams said that in his song Bodies, great track.

Thankfully for us, most of these things come hand in hand. The point of my article is that no matter what specific goals you have, the answer is often cut down to hard work and dedication to change your lifestyle. You see people who are in great physical shape and regular gym attendees, they are always happy and energetic and it looks easy for them because that’s the way they live. Ask anyone who’s been to the gym for an extended period of time and they will say you have slumps and rises in motivation. But, when you are seeing results there is absolutely no stopping those people.

It’s a way of life. It’s more important to them than their job or their car.

For some of them it’s been a way of life since they were young and for others it’s been forced. I bet it all started with a build up of frustration of looking in the mirror before you hop in the shower. See what I did there? Used the title in context without even writing the words.

The rest of the driving motivation would have followed down the track. We all start with the one thing in mind.

Embrace it.

Tell whoever is helping you that that is what you want – “To look good naked”.

Change your lifestyle, change your body, change your future.

Remember why you started, use the motivation of “To look good naked” as your driving force to make your lifestyle your bodystyle.


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