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Carl Barron - Drinking with a Fork

You can expect a couple of things from a Carl Barron gig.

You can expect a sore jaw from incessant laughter and an evening of hilarious and relatable stories that encapsulate the Aussie in all of us.

Carl embodies that quintessential ocker (but not too ocker) Aussie. If you squint as he walks on stage, you can almost see the trail of dusty footprints fresh from the outback.

The delightful thing about Carl is that he carries with him a simplicity of a country character rich with the heartland of the outback spirit. He is the bloke you could imagine sitting with on a rock, with a cold beer, watching the sunset across the dry Australian mulga scrub. And although we weren’t all raised in central Queensland his anecdotes as a ten year old boy growing up in a rural and rugged outback town are somehow relatable.

His ability to balance Australian Strine with posh-voice mockery of the smart-arsed swanky Aussie gives his observational comedy its edge.

It’s no wonder that Carl Barron has become one of the most successful Australian comedians here and globally. Carl's last show in Adelaide for his "Drinking with a Fork" tour is tonight, if you don't have tickets; be sure to catch him next time.


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