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You Need To Hear This: ‘Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence’

My introduction to Big Words was a humble one. It came about as I was walking down Swanston Street on the way to the MCG. A busker caught my attention and had me abandon my group to listen for a while. There aren't many things in this world that slow me down when I'm on the way to watch the mighty Crows play, but I was thoroughly intrigued.

Kieren Lee of the Melbourne band was there on the side of the footpath freestyling. He was in a zone, not quite rapping, not quite singing, just vibing out to the beats flowing from his shoebox-sized speaker without a care given to his bustling surroundings.

My mind's initial reaction is usually to find a comparison. In this case, I was seeing vague shades of Post Malone and even Young Thug from the man behind the coin tray. I would soon learn he and his band were much more.

I waited for a gap in the music to take the opportunity to throw in some shrapnel and ask for a name. Big Words.

With a limited catalogue to explore, I was hyped when they announced an EP soon after. Despite their 7-year history, it’s what they describe as their “first proper recording”, and it has exceeded all my expectations. What we have here is one of the most exciting Aussie projects of the year.

Smooth, breathy vocals over brilliant, driving instrumentation.

Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence is painfully soulful.

Image: Big Words

Without throwing Big Words in a box with comparisons, if you enjoy acts like Cosmo Pyke, prime Amy Winehouse, The Roots, or even Sticky Fingers, I daresay you will enjoy this eclectic yet harmonious five-piece.

With a grand total of 8 tracks, coming in at 30 minutes, it's a healthy sized EP that leaves you hungry for more. Hopefully a debut full-length album isn’t too far away, and if these boys manage to fill it with material on the level of standout tracks 'The Answer', 'Sunlight' and ‘Miss Your Mind’, they have a big, big future ahead. You can follow Big Words at Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence is available now here.


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