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AFL on your mind

At this time of the year it's easy to assume that the majority of us have one thing on our mind, the AFL. Anyone who spent last Friday night in a place NOT screening the final can agree that finals fever is well and truly in full swing, and the only thing people are consuming is football.

As the footy season winds down it's easy to forget that there are plenty of other sports (no, no, it's true) going on that deserve your attention. Namely In this case, the major league.

In a season following the Chicago Cubs first World Series win in over 100 years (soak that in for a moment), everything is shaping up for one gigantic playoffs series.

You've got 6 teams (that's including the wild cards) that are all vying for the championship, all who have been playing dynamic baseball all season. Now it's go time, I can already smell the excitement.

You've got 4 teams looking at 100+ wins this season heading into the playoffs. That's unheard of! It shows the pedigree and talent of the teams that will be on show in the coming months, and yet another reason to not miss out.

You've got 1 team. The Indians. This year the Cleveland Indians broke the American League winning streak record of 22, since dropping one game they are back on another 5 win streak with only a handful of games left in the regular season. The streak gives them a season record of 96-57, Placing them one game behind the dodgers, who hold the current record. They tick that off the list and then take the title, it could put them in good stead for a Hollywood adaption within the next few years.

And the best news....? Playoffs don't kick off until the wildcard games start on October 3rd. It won't even interfere with the Crows...

If you've never watched baseball, I struggle to think of a better time to get in deep. This is the culmination of a fantastic season, all the cards are on the table and now it's time to head to the finish line. Grab some mates, head to the local and try to get in on the action, because in ten years when Clint Eastwood directs some blockbuster about the World Series that was 2017, you're gonna want to say that you were there.

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