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Adelaide's Top 5 Places To Escape the Daily Grind!

We get it! Life can get hectic, but Adelaide is a city filled with amazing little pockets that you can escape to so that you can find some solitude. Here are our top five quick getaways that are within arm’s reach of our CBD.


Located at the foothills towards the east, this conservation park comes complete with walking trails and waterfalls. The perfect combination for you to find your inner Zen. Located just 20 minutes to the East, this conservation park has become extremely popular with weekend hikers.

BEST TIME FOR QUIET TIME: Monday to Friday’s during the 9 -5 work day.


Located 17km South of the city this small beachside suburb has a coastal reserve and lookout which offers sweeping views towards other beachside suburbs such as Seacliff and Brighton. The sea breezes allow you to take in the view and to breathe in the fresh air so that you can have some moments to escape the daily pressures of life.

BEST TIME FOR QUIET TIME: Monday to Fridays during the 9 – 5 work day. Avoid weekends as you may be gate crashing a wedding.

3. RIVER TORRENS (By the Adelaide University Footbridge)

So close to the city yet has the feeling of being so far. The banks of the Torrens have become synonymous with young couples on first dates but don’t despair, there’s plenty of green grass to share. The sloping riverbank is the perfect contemplation spot especially in sunny weather. For added comfort be sure to pack a rug so that you don’t accidentally lay down on some duck poo!

BEST TIME FOR QUIET TIME: During Uni Holidays and Weekends.


Our very own touch of Japan in the Southern Parklands. This Japanese garden comes complete with Japanese lanterns, Zen Gardens, Teahouse, Stepping Stones and Lake. Once you enter the Japanese style gates you can’t help but get lost in the beauty and serenity that a Japanese garden offers. It’s extremely peaceful and it’s amazing that the sound of the South Terrace and Glen Osmond Road traffic is null and void. Here’s a fun fact for you - Why Himeji you ask? Himeji is our sister city and the garden is our gift from the beautiful people of Himeji.

BEST TIME FOR QUIET TIME: All the time! BE advised however, the garden has strict opening times and is open 7 days a week from 8am. Hours do vary during daylight saving.

5. FREMONT PARK (Elizabeth)

Now I know what you are all thinking – why would I travel to Elizabeth to get some peace and quiet. Well, I suggest you take a drive up to Fremont Park to experience it for yourself. Fremont Park located close to the Elizabeth City Centre has it all, green spaces, fountains and waterfalls. It offers the residents of the Northern Suburbs a recreational space to escape the pressures of daily life. You can walk around, pick a park bench and take in the greenery. Trust me, you will forget that you are a stone’s throw away from Philip Highway.

BEST TIMES FOR QUIET TIME: Day time is the best so that you can appreciate the wide-open spaces allowing you to ponder life, meditate or simply relax.

There you have it, the MANABOUTADL top five spaces for you to chill out for some alone time. As you are aware we are huge advocates for emotional health and wellbeing, so we hope that this list provides you with a cost-effective way to help you manage your stress by taking some time to chill out and enjoy some peace and quiet.


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