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Adelaide it’s ok because ‘You’re Never Alone’

Daniel Marrone is a local Adelaide lad who is trying to help others battle through Mental Illness through his business venture called ‘You’re Never Alone’. The 38-year-old who currently works in the hospitality industry spoke to MANABOUTADL about his lived experience of mental illness and how he aims to change the stigmas associated. Daniel is upfront about his experiences but feels as though he is at a stage in his life where he is in a good space mentally and he knows exactly how he would like to live his life.

Daniel said that he has suffered from mental illness for most of his adult life and he recalls first taking notice of it when he was in grade 4. Daniel says, “I have spent most of my adult life suffering from depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and I have been blessed to have had great support around me including my older brother and sister.” Daniel said that there were many things that triggered him and schooling for him was a major issue as it would bring on anxiety and panic attacks. Talking about the future was another trigger for the now 38 year old because at his worst, he couldn’t see how he could get to the future and that his mental illness was so debilitating that it controlled him. When Daniel left school, he worked as a tiler, but he said that this made his condition worse as he was often left alone by himself in a room alone with his thoughts. He said that this was such a scary experience and that he found it frustrating that he couldn’t control what he was thinking and feeling. Daniel being a people person flourished when he went to work at the produce market as he said that there was always a distraction because he was able to talk to other people which meant this his mind was occupied and this helped him to make it through the day.

One of the biggest challenges that Daniel faced was that he hid his condition from his family and friends. Daniel said, “My family didn’t know about it and I was able to hide what I was going through by keeping myself occupied every minute of the day.” Daniel said that he didn’t want to talk about it because Mental Illness 20 odd years ago was a taboo subject, he is pleased however that there is a lot more awareness raising these days. Daniel said that not being able to talk about what he was experiencing was suffocating because he didn’t know how to explain what he was feeling, how to get help and what treatment he needed.

Daniel experienced a major breakdown at the age of 21 and following this he started to get the help he needed. Daniel sought assistance from Psychologists, went to doctors and tried alternative health practices such as reiki, meditation and hypnotism. Daniel said that through his journey with mental health he now finds himself at a place where he no longer blames his condition for the life decisions that he makes.

Fast forward to today and Daniel now looks back on his business venture that he started with his wife approximately 12 months ago. Daniel said that he started the business on the back of the greater awareness and acceptance surrounding mental health. Daniel said that he wanted to start something that would raise the profile of mental illness and this is where his range of T-Shirts with various inspirational mental health quotes are emblazoned across the front of the shirts. Daniel says that the t-shirts are akin to billboards and that by wearing them sends a powerful statement of support for those going through their own mental health battles. Daniel said, “The more we talk about it, people may start to feel better because they would get a sense of being accepted and that they are not alone.” Daniel thanks his wife as she has supported him in his mental health journey. Daniel says, “She is the only reason I am here today, and she has been 100% supportive throughout our whole time together.”

Daniel says that if there is one piece of advice that he would give to somebody experiencing a mental illness it would be “try to keep as positive as possible, what worked for me towards end of my bad stage was that I looked at things differently and my life mantra now is ‘depends how you look at it”, “things will get better and you don’t have to feel down forever, there is help out there, despite how you are feeling there are people that have experienced it as well and they can help you with what you are going through, nobody should feel embarrassed to seek help”. Daniel says that You’re Never Alone’s main focus is to support people with mental illness and depression and he wants to spread the message that it’s ok to talk about mental illness.

To find out more about You’re Never Alone and to purchase a t-shirt please visit their website at

You can also follow them on their socials Facebook and Instagram

Daniel’s Fast Facts

Fave thing to do in Adelaide: I like to eat out at our many amazing restaurants but a personal favourite of mine is East Taste on Gouger Street. I also like to spend time with my wife and three kids at home. We also like to visit our favourite Adelaide coastal suburb Henley Beach when we can.

Daniel’s hobbies and interests: I have a keen interest in cars and sport in general. I also like to take my family out on country drives. Adelaide has so many amazing places to visit and I feel that it is massively underrated.

Daniel’s favourite thing about being a male in Adelaide: I can get wherever I need to be in under 30 minutes.


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