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ADELAIDE DESIGNER EXHIBITION: Realm Adelaide + Fete/Life Magazine + Jam Factory

Realm Adelaide office showroom - 170 North Terrace, Adelaide

Thursday 8 February 2018, 6:30pm

The secret is out: Adelaide is one of the best cities to live in the world. Of course, we know how wonderful it is to live here. Our pristine beaches, quick access the best wineries in the world, incredible food, world class sporting facilities, and so much more. The opportunity to live smack bang in the middle of the Adelaide CBD may not have been a move you would have considered much in the past - but that is about to change with the development of Realm Adelaide.

Realm Adelaide will be the single tallest building in the Adelaide CBD, standing at forty stories high on the corner of Austin Street and North Terrace. It will be the largest residential block incorporating three hundred and fourteen stylish, luxury apartments. This stunning building has been designed by award winning experiential architecture and interior design firm Elenberg Fraser who explains that it will be distinct from other city apartments. This prominent structure will pay homage to its site by restoring the facade of the historic Assay House (circa 1858). In addition, fluttering gold screens will adorn the building as a reminder of the building’s original use which was to mint gold into what became the first Adelaide pound, Australia’s first gold coin.

On Thursday 8 February 2018 Man About Adelaide was invited to attend an A-list party to celebrate the milestone that a staggering eighty-five percent of the three-hundred and fourteen apartments have already been sold equalling around one-hundred and sixty million in sales since its launch only one year ago. The Realm Adelaide office hosted this lavish cocktail style event which encouraged the prospective residents of Realm Adelaide to meet, mingle, and chat with the architects and designers of the building as well as their future neighbours. In chatting with a few of these future occupiers this type of development has proved popular with a varied demographic from single young professionals to the older couple downsizing by selling their suburban homes in preference for a sophisticated urban apartment lifestyle.

Co-hosting this event was Fête/Life Magazine a South Australian publication that promotes simple, meaningful, well-designed solutions favouring a minimalist aesthetic. The Realm Adelaide office space had been transformed into a preview apartment showroom whose furnishings and décor had been specially curated by the team at Fête/Life magazine. The exhibition of beautiful designs inhabited each room and celebrated the great talents of established and emerging South Australian designers from the Jam Factory.

Co-founder of Fête/Life magazine Annabelle Kerslake spoke about the importance of incorporating simple and functional design into home interiors. She explained that the colour tones in each of the apartments have been inspired by an Alice Blanch photography piece titled ‘Between Sunrises #4’. These neutral, earthy tones were deliberately chosen to give visual space for the occupier’s own show pieces that they anticipate will make each apartment uniquely beautiful.

'Between sunrises #4, by Alice Blanch:

Annabelle’s advice for simple and well-designed home interiors:

  • avoid cluttering the space (downsizing can be a liberating experience)

  • start with a key piece that will knock your socks off

  • be selective with the furniture that inhabits the space to maximise the flow of the apartment

To register your interest in an apartment at Realm Adelaide please visit Realm Adelaide online.

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Images: Rowena Garcia, Realm Adelaide


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