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Adelaide Craft Cocktails

Name of Liquor/Spirit or Cocktail: "The Bittersweet Negroni" by Adelaide Craft Cocktails. It's a pre packaged bottled cocktail! Where it originates from: South Australian made Gin (78 Degrees from Adelaide Hills Distillery), Økar (Applewood Distillery at Gumeracha) and Maidenii Sweet Vermouth (Victoria) making "The Bittersweet Negroni" Tasting Notes: Equal parts of each liquor; this is a true blend of the classic aperitif. Lachlan and Miro have done a exceptional job in crafting this Australian style Negroni, You can't deny that this is an all time classic cocktail. As a true Negroni it starts bitter and finishes with Worlds Best Nominated Gin and all in between that delicious sweet Maidenii Vermouth What it is best used for or paired with: Typically served before or after a meal, as a aperitif. Price Point: $12 for individual $30 for 3pack $50 for 6 pack Where to get it from: You can purchase direct from Overall Opinion and Review: Such an awesome concept, executed perfectly. There's no denying these ingredients are world class, presented with a glass test tube and waxed top looks very classy. A perfect gift for that special someone, highly recommended by Adelaide's Official Cocktail Blogger.


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