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Vacay Swimwear

Hard work and determination is one way to describe local SA business Vacay Swimwear that is making waves in the fashion industry. Vacay Swimwear specialises in trendy male swim shorts. Even though we are currently not experiencing the summer warmth, Vacay Swimwear are definitely taking advantage of the avid traveller escaping the Adelaide winter for the European summer and the amazing sun rays of the Asian beaches proving that you can definitely buy swimwear any time of the year.

The thing that impresses us at MANABOUTADL is that the SA brand is now featured on premium online fashion retailer The Iconic. Their inclusion into The Iconic comes just eight months after commencing trade. Vacay Swimwear joins the likes of well-known and reputable fashion labels from around Australia and the world.

The Australian label caught the eye of Tom Simpson, Head of Menswear at The Iconic, who categorises Vacay Swimwear in his top five swim short brands.

Tom Simpson says, “Vacay Swimwear is an amazing brand, it knows who it is and doesn’t over complicate things… Possessing basic prints in amazing shapes with added details, it is a great price point and relates well to the typical Australian man.”

The fashion-conscious brains behind Vacay Swimwear are local legends Jordan Kallios and Corey Decandia. Vacay Swimwear was born through the boys love of fashion and a passion for quality.

Tom Simpson says, “It was the guys that made me want to stock the brand. Every brand that I bring onto The Iconic has to have a story. I met the guys and you could feel the passion and the enthusiasm for the brand – that’s what sold it for me, and it just so happened that the product was amazing as well!”

Think colourful and playful prints, bold colours and wearable cuts, each Vacay piece will make you want to wear them at all times. Corey and Jordan have cleverly named each piece after iconic holiday destinations that make you think of Sun, Fun and Water. Some of the names in their collection include Malibu, Mykonos, Monte Carlo and Bahamas just to name a few.

Corey Decandia says, “We've both been avid shoppers on The Iconic and we have to pinch ourselves when we see Vacay Swimwear stocked amongst some of the biggest brands in the world.”

Jordan Kallios and Corey Decandia.

You can purchase your own Vacay piece at or via The Iconic.

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