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Who is Monty Wolf?

Let us introduce you to MANABOUATADL’s first brand ambassador.

The epitome of the tall, dark and handsome cliché.  At just 21 years of age, Monty works in the corporate sector allowing his daily ‘Dapper’ dress code. That sums up the Monty of today, but who is Monty Wolf.

Image: Adelaide Street Stalker


Monty grew up in Adelaide, most of his primary schooling was completed in ADL before his family relocated to Brisbane where his parents had accepted a job opportunity. Monty lived in Brisbane for 4 years before his family made the decision to move back home to Adelaide. After completing years 11 and 12 at the University Senior College he then accepted an offer to do a Bachelor of Commerce at Adelaide Uni. Having recently completed this degree with a major in Accounting, he now enjoys the rewards of his corporate sector challenges. Monty is a problem solver focussing on individuals faced with adversity, it’s this kind-hearted nature of Monty’s that we absolutely love.


Monty's corporate day job compliments his true passion by allowing him to express his style through attire. After having attended a Dappertude event in Melbourne earlier in 2017, his interest in Men’s fashion increased ten-fold and sparked the motivation to create and Instagram account dedicated to fashion.  Less than a year since Monty first posted on @mrmontywolf, he has approximately 6K followers.  Monty explains his fascination for style derives from his love of movie and TV characters dressed up fine tailored suits. Some of his early inspiration came from watching films starring John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. More recently his inspo has come from James Bond, Gordon Gekko from Wall Street, Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy, Stupid Love and Harvey Specter from Suits. 

Image: Adelaide Street Stalker


It hasn’t always been easy for Monty to source tailored pieces due to his height of 6ft, 5. Monty is a gentle giant who now has his suits tailor made as he is unable to purchase 'ready to wear' off the rack. His favourite retailer is Kingsmen Bespoke Tailors, which is located at the base of Adelaide Central Plaza. We absolutely admire Monty’s style, he always wows a room. Monty is one of Adelaide’s best dressed males and he has a few tips for our readers.

Monty Wolf’s top style tips:

  1. Accessorise to pimp up your outfit. Wear a good watch and try different pocket squares to match what you are wearing

  2. Tie Pins and Lapel pins can enhance any outfit and elevate the suit

  3. Colourful socks can always make a bold statement in a subtle way

  4. The most important tip is to ensure that your suit fits your body type

Fast facts about Mr Wolf:

  1. Used to play Soccer and was an avid cyclist

  2. Grew up in the picturesque Adelaide Hills

  3. Loves hiking on the weekend to relax and to have some alone time

  4. Loves Winter

  5. Italian is his favourite cuisine

  6. His top three must do’s in Adelaide are got to La Buvette (27 Gresham Street, Adelaide) for a sneaky drink, soak up the atmosphere at either Leigh or Peel Streets and finally go for a hike up at the Deep Creek Conservation Park

  7. Is SINGLE. Yes, start lining up ladies…


I asked Monty what representing MANABOUTADL as our ambassador means to him.  Monty explained that he was absolutely stoked and honoured to be asked. He loves what MANABOUTADL is about, especially with the push to get the conversation started for men and breaking down the stigmas of mental health with men. He is also excited that MANABOUTADL is finally a brand that is making a push toward creating a vibrant men’s fashion culture in Adelaide. But most of all Monty explained that he was more than happy to be an ambassador because he loves living in Adelaide and is proud to call himself an Adelaidean.  We are enjoying getting to know Monty Wolf and we hope that you will all get the opportunity to meet him into the future. Monty is a perfect ambassador for MAA as he exudes everything that we are trying to promote and lives and breathes our mantra of creating an exciting platform for men in Adelaide.

Images: Courtesy of Adelaide Street Stalker as well as other images supplied

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