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Positive Post Pizza Party

Co Founders of Positive Signs Reece Formosa and Matthew Stuckey with MANABOUTADL CEO and Director Eric Cruz

If you enjoy the sunshine, delicious pizza and positivity – Today’s Positive Posts Pizza Party was the place to be. Held at the Adelaide City Council’s Minor Works Building in the CBD’s inner south, members of the community were invited to join in a pizza making workshop hosted by the legends behind Positive Signs and Sunny’s Pizza Shop.

Positive Signs was founded by local Adelaide men Reece Formosa and Matthew Stuckey. In this modern world that we live in, we are constantly reminded of the cruel and unfortunate events that take place locally, nationally and internationally. Positive Signs aims to fill civic spaces with inspirational, motivational and fun quotes to remind us all that there is a lot of positivity and love in this world. Positive Signs allows us to visually appreciate the beauty of life in the form of large painted murals emblazoned with positive messages.

Positive Signs on display at the Adelaide City Council's Minor Works Building.

With the past week being National Mental Health Week, today’s event was a perfect way to celebrate how far we have come as a society in tackling mental health issues. Today’s pizza party allowed an enthusiastic bunch of people to talk about food, eat scrumptious pizza, read positive messages dotted around the venue but most importantly it also gave the individuals that attended the opportunity to simply talk to one another. We all know that getting the conversation started is the very first step in assisting someone who may not feel very good about themselves. It was a dynamic and thought provoking experience as I was able to stand back and observe the laughter and fun being had by all. It was also beautiful to see the encouragement being provided to those who had a go at making their very own pizza.

Present at today’s event included representatives from the Adelaide City Council who are proud supporters of Positive Signs, Pizza experts from Sunny’s Pizza Shop, Daniels Langeberg of successful Adelaide eco-friendly transport company EcoCaddy as well as members of the community.

Founder and CEO of EcoCaddy Daniels Langeberg with a EcoCaddy with Positive Signs Wrap.

The team behind Positive Signs today launched their latest initiative, which is positivity in the form of Postcards. The Postcards allow you to write your own positive messages to then share with friends, colleagues, family members or even a complete stranger. This is a fantastic idea as you can play your part in making someone’s day by spreading the positive cheer. So be sure to keep your eye out for Positive Postcards which are available from any Adelaide City Council Community Centres and libraries.Who knows, you may be on the receiving end of one soon.

Samples of the Postcards from the Positive Signs team.

Positive Signs can be found at the following locations around Adelaide:

  • York Street (CBD)

  • UPark (Flinders/Pirie Streets)

  • Marian Street (North Adelaide) on the Zambrero’s Wall

  • Adelaide Airport

  • Digital Advertising (numerous locations)

  • EcoCaddy (Eco-friendly, short-trip public transportation for the Adelaide CBD)

For more information check out their website

You can also follow their socials on Facebook.

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