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Long Leaf Vodka

Name of Liquor/Spirit or Cocktail: Long Leaf Vodka

Where it originates from: Hand picked Ceylon Tea, Organic Vodka using the purest rain water from Hunter Valley.

Tasting Notes: So, are you looking for something different? Well, you have found it and you will not be disappointed.

Smooth. So, so smooth! Due to using the purest form of rain water, artisanal Ceylon Tea shines through this vodka mid palette and finishes off with a touch of sweetness.

What it is best used for or paired with: Probably not for Grandma's morning Tea! I believe this is the best cocktail to enhance the Long Leave Tea flavours.


• 1 part LongLeaf Tea Vodka • 2 Parts Ginger Beer • Dash of bitters


Mix all ingredients into a shaker with some ice.

Shake vigorously.

Strain over ice into a jug.

Add ginger slices, lime slices and mint to jug and stir. Top up half with ginger beer and half with soda.

Garnish with lime slice, ginger slice and mint.

Price Point: $69.99

Where to get it from:

Overall Opinion and Review: Personally, I am abit of a sweet tooth and this amplifies how good Vodka can be and how easy it is to make a great cocktail.

The bottle is visually great with a wooden top and the labelling is very attractive. The price point is pretty good seeing that it's handcrafted in Australia

Impress those friends with something new and different!

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