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Interview with the owner of 'Bodies by Beau'

MANABOUTADL's Matt caught up with gym hunk and Adelaide local Beau Williamson who is also the owner of his own business aptly named 'Bodies by Beau. Beau has taken Adelaide by storm with his offering of group fitness classes and mentoring. Beau is also the Personal Trainer Manager of 13 Anytime Fitness clubs in SA, as well as being an Anytime Fitness Australia ambassador. He has a vast experience in Personal Training and running various size bootcamps.

What got you interested in the fitness industry?

I got into the industry back in 2009 when I was studying. What inspired me to get me into the fitness industry was my desire to achieve my absolute best. As I continued to study it enabled me to be able to teach and guide other people to achieve their own personal goals.

Now don't get this twisted but the industry has changed so much since 2009. Currently in my role as a PT manager, I often hear the standard response from new trainers - I became a personal trainer "To help others" or " Because I achieved my own goals and I want to show others how to achieve theirs". My message with this is that its simply about the positive effects fitness could have not only to your body but also to your mind. It's also about how far you can push and challenge yourself. Fitness is so much more than your Physique.

What made you want to become a fitness instructor?

I actually wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a fitness instructor for an elite football club, which turned out to be a hell of a lot harder than I thought. I found that my passion did lead me however to not only work in the area of high performance athletes but to be able to help every day people just like you and I.

Do you envisage 'Bodies by Beau' expanding nationally or globally?


This brand is my baby... well until my wife and I pop out a real baby, in which case it will be my second child. Haha. But in all seriousness I would love to have someone believe in 'BBB - Bodies by Beau' just as much as I do and allow this brand of mine to expand. I want people to believe in the community we build, the style of training we believe in and especially in the way the members connect. Its an awesome feeling and I'd love to be able to reach out to as many people as I possibly can, which could obviously involve expansion.

How would you describe an ideal or perfect lifestyle?

The perfect lifestyle is one that you follow which makes you feel like nothing can get in your way. However it doesn't matter what I think a perfect lifestyle is because it's what works for me and it might not necessarily work for whoever is reading this :-) Something I am so strong on teaching my clients, my trainers and my mentor students is that "Its what you are doing that matters... not what everyone else is doing".. In short just run your own race, do what makes you happy.

Just remember to always back yourself.

Be sure to check out Beaus' website:

Also follow his socials.

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