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An insight into the life of a new Father

Father’s Day is here and for some it will be just another day, some will dread it and some will fling their arms wide and embrace it. Whether it be to have the family wait on them hand and foot, a quiet meal or relaxed visit, there’s some that are experiencing it for the first time.

In the past, the focus has been on the mother and child. Dads would have watched from afar and some would want to be hands on, whereas others are happy to let history repeat and leave things up to mum.

So how does MANABOUTADL's newest Dad, Cameron Larkin feel about his new role as ‘Dad’?

Please introduce me to your Wife and Daughter:

C: Hayley is my wife…and basically ‘SuperMum’ and we have welcomed our daughter “Elle” into the world.

How organised/prepared were you for the birth?

C: I’m a bit of a deep thinker, so we had everything thought out as much as we could. If anything did happen we were prepared for a mistake at any time. We definitely wanted to buy a house before Hayley got pregnant, which we did. Luckily, Hayley had enough friends, and her sister has had a baby. We bought anything and everything to make it as smooth as possible. But, deep down we both agreed we have no idea what’s going to happen so decided to ‘wing it’ just like everyone else.

The trend these days is to find out the sex of the baby before its born. Did you go with this trend? What is the reason for this choice?

C: We definitely wanted to find out what gender our baby was going to be. Simply because we could plan, also the ‘Baby Shower’ presents would be pink instead of blue. We then fitted the nursery with gender specific colours and furniture.

Tell me your first thought when you laid eyes on your new daughter.

C: “Wow!...Here we go!” Second thought was, “does she have all her fingers and toes?”

As you loaded her into the car to come home, how did you feel?

C: I was the most careful and gentle I have ever been. I’m pretty sure I was driving slower than a Grandpa! I felt so excited though because I wanted to see how my Greyhound ‘Hazel’ would accept Elle. Luckily Hazel has adapted well.

What was the trip home like?

C: We did a sneaky trip to McDonalds as we didn’t eat anything during the labour, I felt like if I left the room while Hayley was in hospital I would have missed something! I’m working on the #dadbod.

How’s the nappy changing duties going?

C: I admit I haven’t done one yet on my own! I’ve assisted though…does that count?

What are you most excited about teaching her?

C: Lately I’ve been quite reflective on how my childhood was and I’m starting to really appreciate my parents even more because they went through the same stage. I would love to teach Elle that finding a passion for something is probably the most important thing you can do. I want Elle to have a bright future and have great passion in her career.

What is your biggest fear as a new Dad?

C: Something I can’t control, like Elle hanging around the wrong people. My theory is that being a good parent should resemble in Elle. She will know what’s right and wrong, doesn’t matter what school she will go to, public or private, the key here is in the parenting.

What piece of advice do you wish you had been given?

C: Everyone says, ‘Your life will change’, in a negative way…blah, blah, blah…which is very cliché. The advice should have been ‘enjoy the ride, do your best to provide for the family’.

What piece of advice would you like to pass onto first time Dads?

C: Get organised!...and try not to feel overwhelmed with all the pram and baby seat options at Baby Bunting!..haha

How has your own father influenced your approach to fatherhood?

C: My Dad doesn’t say much, but he didn’t really have to. He raised me well enough that I knew I had to get a consistent job and do as much overtime as I could before the baby was born. Plan ahead and make sure the mortgage is covered when Hayley is on maternity leave because the worst thing to do is worry financially when this should be the best times to enjoy.

What advice did your Mum give you?

C: Welcome to the “Real World”, she says it all the time! Drives me nuts!...haha, but its seriously true, though I want to just do my best to provide for my family.

What memory of your childhood do you hope that Elle will experience?

C: That we love her. Any experience to show that we did our best at the time and she has unconditional love for this family.

What memory of your childhood will you move mountains to make sure Elle doesn’t experience?

C: Bad Boys!! aware that I’m good with a shotgun!

I would hate to have Elle experience negativity that would affect her adulthood. I want her to have an optimistic and positive attitude.

How has your love and respect for your Wife changed?

C: Hayley has always been simply amazing. I really want to prove a point here to new Dads. When a female has the opportunity to give you a gift of life by risking her own its very special and that’s true love! That’s one thing that fathers need to realise, so don’t ever take it for granted.

This is definitely a learning curve for me and I cant wait for the future to see how Elle grows up and all the changes she will make…from her first steps to soon enough it will be her 18th and she will be drinking cocktails at the bar with me!


People will share their opinions and advice with you. Listen to them, somewhere amongst it all you will pick up something that works for you and your family. All else fails, just ‘wing it’, my first born is nearly 30 years old and I’m still learning as I go!! If you mess up, try again, but remember honesty and respect for your family will provide a great place to start in pointing them in the right direction.

Thank you Cameron for sharing your family with us, they are truly beautiful.

I hope that soon you will find that transition into flying solo with the nappy changing…keep working on the #dadbod and remember to breathe and savour every moment because you are right…before you know it your children are adults and moulding their own lives and with good fortune will be able to be walking the steps that you are taking now.

Image courtesy of Little Oak Studio

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