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THE FASHION VAULT - Back to basics: Tees & jeans

We all know the value of fashion in today’s society and I’m here to run through some basic haves we should all be flexing in that fashion vault we call our wardrobe. For all those that are blessed with the mission of seeking the perfect outfit for the day (soz to those that have to wear a uniform), we are going to start off with an outfit appropriate for any weekday occasion.

Holla to the basic crewneck black or white tee, I say black or white because if you’re extremely conscious of the way you look these colors will go with anything and can be dressed up or down with a tweak of any accompanying threads; a jumper, blazer or your multiple pairs of jeans.

Me, personally, I love the drop down curved oversize tee due to the fact I’m a shorter guy it gives me the ability to play with length and style by substituting sizes.

The next precious piece is the denim jean, again if your pocket can be persuaded; invest in a couple of pairs.

Of course, the classic blue denim and the black. I would go as far as saying the jean is one of the most useful pieces you will ever own, it can be worn with many combinations and for all occasions. I prefer the super skinny leg with the stretch denim and my tip is to shop in the women’s section to give you that better cut.

For all those whom are a little bit more conservative go for the straight leg or skinny. I say this because a better fitting jean will give you greater definition and highlight a slightly larger upper body giving you the diamond shape (larger top half and skinnier bottom half).

With all that knowledge, play with your combinations and have fun with them. Much luv Jay xx

Remember guys this is the start of something beautiful. There is plenty more in store for the fashion vault, so for more fashion tips and tricks suss out @styleaboutadl on Insta.

Special thanks and shout out to the team at Cotton On Rundle Mall for their help and the supply of their clothing for my images.

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