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When I spoke to mates who had been to Mothervine, they told me that it’s a cool, chic and trendy place to enjoy wine, food and good times. If you haven’t been there yet, let me tell you that they are absolutely right!

Opening its doors in 2014, Mothervine is a wine bar that loves wine! As you enter the venue you are instantly drawn to the clearly visible wine cellar sporting some 400 wines available for purchase. Ranging in price from $40 - $3500, there’s something for every budget or occasion. Of course, wines can also be bought by the glass and you’ll also find your favourite beers and spirits available too. The bar offers a relaxed vibe and classy decor, which according to the staff, makes it a hotspot for Tinder dates! Rather than pairing wine with the food on offer at the venue, Mothervine chooses to pair the food to the expertly curated wine list. The staff behind the bar are all capable to chat, debate and recommend wines which allows for novices right through to connoisseurs to enjoy their time selecting the perfect drop. It’s this type of service setting Mothervine apart from other venues that offer wine as an option, and make wine the champion of your visit.

If you’re up for a challenge (or just like trying something different!) ask for some of the blind pourings and put your sommelier skills to the test!

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