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Sheepoll Show a welcome addition to the Adelaide baa scene

What would you do with a super power that allowed you to reshape clouds however you please?

If your answer involves the portrayal of giant male genitalia (and don’t lie, you know it does), well you would have fit right in with this week’s ‘sheeple’.

On Monday night, The Sheepoll Show launched at BRKLYN on Rundle Street, giving Adelaide its first taste of the new app-based quiz night from the creators of Quiz Meisters Trivia.

Not particularly talented when it comes to trivia? Sick of seeing that guy check his phone under the table and coincidentally getting all the answers right? Just looking for a place with a good atmosphere for a mid-week beer?

You might need some anti-trivia in your life.

SA Operations Manager, Toby Strudwicke says you shouldn’t fret if you’re not generally a fan of conventional trivia.

“Essentially we wanted to create a trivia game for people that hate trivia,” he told MANABOUTADL. “The Sheepoll Show is nicknamed our ‘anti-trivia show’. Over the course of a couple of hours the audience is polled a series of questions that enable us, through the wonders of technology – The Sheepoll app, to determine the most average person in the room, the ‘White Sheep’ and the most unique person in the room, the ‘Black Sheep’. Unlike trivia, there are no right or wrong answers and anybody can win!”.

A perfect platform for the wannabe comedian in your friendship group, The Sheepoll Show hits you with a catalogue of carefully designed questions that is as thought provoking as it is silly.

“The questions are purposely written to divide audiences, spark imaginations and force further examination,” Strudwicke, a veteran of the quiz scene explained.

“The whole reason most people go to bars and pubs is to have a fun night out with friends, and generally people end up talking about a whole lot of random stuff with their mates. And if they aren’t talking with their mates, they are staring at their phones. Now they can do both!”.

Given the crowd that accumulated on Monday night at the atmospheric East-end bar on a typically quiet day of the week for pubs, at the very least, The Sheepoll Show delivers a lively spot for a drink when everywhere else is dead.

“Monday night was fantastic. It was standing room only with around 80 ‘sheeple’ playing,” said Strudwicke. “There were a few nerves with it being the launch, but it all went brilliantly with so much positive feedback. The boys can’t wait for next week’s show”.

Monday nights at BRKLYN are set to be a regular fixture, while the fun continues at The Original Coopers Alehouse on Pulteney Street at 6:30pm and The Tonsley Hotel at 7pm every Tuesday

It’s free to play, nice background music selection, prizes to win, all the good stuff!

Get around it, Adelaide!

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