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There are a lot of opinions surrounding the fitness industry of late and part of my job today is to help clear this up.

Let me start with this….. (clears throat)

There is no right or wrong way to exercise! I don’t’ care if you enjoy going to see a PT twice a week or if you walk up and down the stairs at home in your wife’s high heels, exercise is exercise! My opinion is short but to the point. Do something you enjoy, otherwise you won’t do it at all.

I’m sure most of you have heard these terms of fitness thrown around in common conversation or just seen them passing by. We have a huge craze for not only the commercial gyms, that don’t really differentiate that much between each other, but we also have started to dip our interest into more than just going to the gym by ourselves with no idea what we’re doing. It’s very common in this day and age for someone to pay for a Personal Trainer or group classes at gyms such as Goodlife, Anytime Fitness etc, High Intensity Interval Training Centres such as HIIT and F45 to name a couple & Cross Fit boxes are becoming boomingly popular.

Now I’m definitely not saying that everything I’ve written about above is all that’s out there in the fitness market. There are plenty more brands and styles out there if those mentioned don’t appeal to you. I can guarantee to you that it’s a vicious cycle of recommendations and rumours throughout people that work in the industry, so make up your own mind about what you enjoy and what you want to pay (if anything) to live active.

  • The PTs will say “Yeah, we’re expensive but there’s nothing more challenging that one person motivating you throughout an individualized workout”

  • The Group class instructors will say “There’s nothing more motivating than working out as a team so you don’t let each other down”

  • Nearly everyone who’s not a CrossFit instructor will say it’s bad for your body. Although, I’d take a sore back once every 6 months over diabetes, but that’s just me.

  • F45 & HIIT instructors would say “Why pay a PT $60/week for one session when you can pay us the same and train as many times as you want?”

I can confidently say that I doubt you’re going to find somebody with a positive outlook on all forms of training. So, make up your own mind about what you enjoy or what gives you the “endorphin rush” and go out there and kick some goals!!!

Tom is the Co-Owner and Manager at F45 Grote Street, Adelaide CBD.

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