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Proof the North has more than Blue Collars

by Jay Martin

Adelaide has and will always be my home even though I moved here from the Philippines when I was three. Growing up in the northern burbs 'insert banter here' was and still is the best thing that could have happened to me growing up.

A question I often get asked is, how did I get into fashion. Well it may be as simple as saying Imelda Marcos, so it seems it was already in my blood! Or the fact that my mum had a love for shoes, in which she may have passed on to me. As a kid I was that typical short chubby Asian kid trading my fried rice packed lunch for the humble ham, cheese and tomato sanga. I saw what I wore was more of what I imagined I should look like, because when I looked good, I felt amazing. My love for all things fashion has now grown to what it is today, with attire for every occasion and a clothing manufacturing business started alongside my amazing wife.

I bring to MANABOUTADL a bit of banter, witt and hopefully the go to guy, your fashion wingman, hit up when you need an opinion, some guidance or even just a yes or no. I'll be here to shed some light on the fashion industry, it's latest trends, the must haves in your wardrobe and how to put together an amazing outfit for every occasion and within everyone's budget. Mostly dish out but maybe take some banter from all the lads who follow man about Adelaide and to really express fashion. My opinion of fashion is, it's an extension of ones self, you should be happy to wear what you love and wear something that expresses how you feel.

Besides from all the VIP invitations to the latest fashion shows in Paris and Milan sitting front row and yes even if I have to share the spotlight with the likes of Kim and Kanye, the thing I want to achieve the most is the perception of fashion and how in most men's eyes is more relatable to women, it's not that guys have no sense of fashion it's just that haven't really had a platform for that everyday guy to navigate to show them what fashion is and how one can achieve it.

I really want to highlight how humbling it is to be part of MANABOUTADL because this platform will be designed to provide not only the men of Adelaide but nationwide, even internationally a place to learn, talk and find out what it's like at all perspectives about the modern man, in some ways breaking the norms and recreating them in our modern age. I look forward to an amazing journey with all of you and learning from you the reader too!

Let's dress for success!!

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