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Vacay Swimwear - Season 2 is here!

Inspired by the world’s most iconic holiday destinations, Vacay Swimwear welcomes five new eye-catching designs, just in time for summer. ‘Season 2’, launched on October 1 and it was designed with the travelling man in mind.

Season 2 features the brand’s first Australian inspired print, expected to be a crowd-favourite amongst fashion-conscious men thanks to the unique, vibrant print. Vacay Swimwear Co-Founder, Corey Decandia, says “We’re excited to launch a design inspired by our home country and can’t wait to see guys rocking the Bondi short on Bondi Beach. “We selected a summery yellow and white chevron pattern to represent the golden sand from one of Australia’s most iconic beaches,” says Corey Decandia.

Season 2 continues to express the brand’s strong ideology by depicting hot travel spots through each unique design. The on-trend collection also includes the Portofino, Casablanca, Santorini and Vegas prints. Vacay Swimwear Co-Founder, Jordan Kallios, says “We’ve taken things up a notch by using daring new patterns and bold colours to illustrate each destination. “Casablanca features an eccentric Aztec print with shades of blue, orange, black and tan, ensuring you stand out of the crowd, whereas the Santorini print boasts a blue and white colour palette shown through the water painted dots,” says Jordan Kallios.

Vacay Swimwear is a versatile statement piece, essential for every man’s wardrobe, whether you’re at the beach or on the go. Jordan Kallios says, “The best thing about owning a pair of Vacays is that you don’t need to be around water to put them to good use. Pair your favourite print with a relaxed linen shirt or simple T-shirt and finish off with summer loafers for an effortless, stylish look. “The light weight, durable material provides ultimate comfort, ensuring your Vacays last for endless summers – making them the perfect everyday short,” says Jordan Kallios.

Vacay Swimwear is making a splash in the local fashion scene with Season 2 taking to the 2018 Adelaide Fashion Festival runway this month. Vacay Swimwear is the first male swimwear brand to feature in the nationally acclaimed Festival.

You can shop now vis this link: Vacay Swimwear

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