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Gaja by Sashi - Were you snapped?

November 18, 2019

From Masterchef to Pirie Street - Gaja by Sashi is NOW OPEN!

November 18, 2019

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Little Bang Brewing - Icon review

April 13, 2018

SA Little Bang Brewing “Icon” 

Steam Ale - 5%



The Style

A “Steam Beer” (also known as a Californian Common beer) is a highly carbonated beer brewed with Lager yeast at a typical Ale temperature. Believed to have originated in Nevada, USA in the mid-late 1800’s during the gold rush era, the process was improvised as the ice/cold water classically used to cool fermenting Lager was unavailable to brewers. Today, Steam Beer’s are seen as a entry-level craft beers owing to their flavour profile which combines the muted tones of a Lager with the brighter characteristics of an Ale.



The Taste

This analysis sums up Little Bang’s effort pretty well. The look and smell reminds us of a Hefeweizen - a light straw colour with slight haze, a fluffy, vigorous white head and a sweet, but distinctly yeasty smell. The taste is light and grainy in flavour; think your favourite Pilsner with a hint of fruit from the hops. Minimal bitterness, and rather dry to finish.


The Rating

Look, Icon doesn’t have the flavours to blow you away but it is extremely sessionable. It might even save you the hassle of having to buy that one annoying mate in the round a Carlton Draft... and convince him to try something a bit more exotic next time. Call it a gateway beer.



Where to buy

The HWY Bottleshop

Belair Fine Wines

Largs Pier Hotel Bottleshop


or why not head out and see the guys at the brewery in Stepney!


Website: Little Bang Brewing


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